Printable Sermon Notes Sheet

Providing young listeners with a sermon notes page is an excellent way to help them focus on the sermon.

These free printable sermon notes pages are double-sided and include a Sunday morning checklist, space for sermon notes and application, and a take-home challenge. These pages offer parents and kids a wonderful opportunity to discuss the sermon.

These free printable sermon notes pages include a Sunday morning checklist, space for sermon notes and application, and a take-home challenge.|Path Through the Narrow Gate

“Promotion Sunday” is coming up in my church, during which a fresh crop fifth graders are introduced into the preaching service. And, this year, my twins are among those sitting through the service for the first time. So, when my friend Lisa asked me to work with her in coming up with a printable sermon notes page for our church, I was super excited.

3 Ways That Christian Parents Must Respond to the Transgender Bathroom Debate

I have to admit, I took the transgender bathroom letter from President Obama pretty hard last week.

I am worried about a culture and a government that are willing to put the safety of children aside in order to accommodate a handful of people.

I am deeply concerned about a government who thinks it has the right to dictate policy to local school districts.

How can Christians respond to the transgender bathroom debate? There are three important things that we must realize and do - and they begin at home.

I am grieved by the plight of transgender people who are caught in the middle of this debate, at risk themselves in so many ways, and desperately needing God’s truth and love in their lives.

And, of course, as a mother I want to hold my children close and keep them safe and innocent. I don’t want them to be put at risk in any way.

How can we, as Christian parents, respond to the transgender bathroom issue? Here are 3 ways that Christian parents must respond:

“Mommy, Am I Really Saved?”

4 Questions You Must Ask When Your Children Are Struggling with Assurance of Salvation

Have your children ever asked you if they are really, truly saved? My children have asked me!

How can we answer them? Should we assure them that they are saved because they prayed the “sinner’s prayer” when they were younger? What if that prayer didn’t “take”?

Have your children ever struggled with assurance of salvation? Here are four questions you must ask them when they have doubts about their salvation.|Path Through the Narrow Gate

If we are honest, many of us adults struggle with doubts about our salvation. How can we guide our children as we talk about this vitally important topic?

Be The Mom

Overcome Attitude Traps and Enjoy Your Kids

Have you ever thought of yourself as “just a mom”, running around the house in sweat pants after snotty-nosed toddlers and surviving on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Have you ever flown into a rage because nobody picks up after themselves and keeps the house clean the way you would like it to be cleaned?

Be The Mom looks at 7 attitude traps that moms can easily fall into and offers encouragement for overcoming them so that we can enjoy our kids again.|Path Through the Narrow

Has you ever mirrored Eeyore’s downcast, martyr attitude as you work incessantly for your family?

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Will It Involve Grape Scented Smiley Face Stickers?

Now, first of all, you have to understand that I grew up in the 1980’s.

Which means that we had to compensate for our complete boredom (caused by a deplorable lack of technology) with other forms of entertainment.

Like smelling things.


Everything was made to be smelly in the late 80’s –

Not to be outdone by Strawberry Shortcake dolls, My Little Pony came in fruit scents…

Every Mr. Sketch marker smelled like its color…

and Scratch and Sniff stickers were ALL THE RAGE.

Are You Measuring Your Worth By Your Success?

A Call to Faithfulness Over Success

Do you measure your worth by the amount of your success in life? Do you look at other people’s success and feel that you just don’t measure up?

This is such an easy trap to fall into, especially as parents.

Do you measure your worth by the amount of success you have in your life? God measures your worth by your faithfulness, not your success.|Are you Measuring Your Worth by Your Success?|Path Through the Narrow Gate

Here’s a fascinating thought: God doesn’t measure our worth by our successes, but by our faithfulness!

In fact, many of the heroes of the Bible are people who didn’t have great success. Rather, they are people who stayed faithful to God.

How to Share the Gospel With Kids in Six Simple Steps

Free Printable Verse Cards Make It Easy

Would you like a simple way to talk to your children about what it means to be saved?

How about a simple way for your kids to tell their friends what it means to be saved?

Would you like a special gift to send home with kids who visit your Sunday School or Awana program?

These free printable verse cards are a perfect way to share the Gospel with your kids, or to hand out to kids visiting your Sunday School or Awana.|How to Share the Gospel with Kids in 6 Simple Steps|Path Through the Narrow

These fun Salvation Verse Cards are perfect for all of these needs!