5 Surprising Truths You May Not Be Teaching Your Kids About Resiliency

I often pass a school sign that has this message for their students in giant letters:

Have a safe and fun summer.

Somehow, this sign strikes me as slightly ludicrous. Are these really our two highest values for our children?

Often, with all of our focus on “safety” and “fun”, I am afraid that we are giving our children a very false idea of life. Because, let’s face it, real life is not exactly safe. Or fun.

Are you teaching your kids these five important truths that will help them to develop resiliency as they face experience life's hardships?| Path Through the Narrow Gate.com

To the Mom Who Cannot Handle One More Interruption, One More Request, or One More Demand

Lessons from the Life of Jesus

As a woman and a mother, my life is filled with demands. I am surrounded by little people who want food at least three times a day. And clean clothes. And to know where I left their soccer cleats.

Do you feel like you are going to snap if one more person asks you to do one more thing? Here's some encouragement from the life of Jesus for those moments.

I am surrounded by little people who want me to meet their every need, to cuddle with them, to comfort them when they are hurt, to entertain them, to find things for them, and to give them my undivided attention.

I am also surrounded by adults who have their own ideas about what I should be doing and how I should be using my time.

On top of this all, I have my own expectations of what I should be accomplishing each day.

And, far too often, I get tired. Like, REALLY tired.

Mother/Daughter Bible Reading Journal

A Simple Way to Encourage Your Tween or Teen Daughter to Read the Bible

Would you like to encourage your tween or teen daughter to develop a habit of daily Bible reading while also building a stronger relationship with her? Here’s a simple way to do just that!

Would you like to encourage your tween or teen daughter to develop a habit of daily Bible reading while also building a stronger relationship with her? If so, this Mother/Daughter Bible Reading Journal is designed to help you do just that!|Path Through the Narrow Gate.com

Anytime that we desire to build a good habit, it is helpful to know that someone else is sharing this journey with us. Our children are no different!

I firmly believe that the best way to encourage our kids to read the Bible for themselves is to let them see us reading it and to read it with them.

The Mother/Daughter Bible Reading Journal is a perfect way to hold your daughter accountable, while also encouraging her to hold you accountable in your Bible reading.

All you need to get started is a notebook and a Bible.

3 Secrets About Hospitality – That Your Mother Didn’t Tell You!

I come from a family that prioritized hospitality. My Grandmas, my aunts, my mom – they invited people into their immaculately clean homes every Sunday afternoon to share a pot roast dinner and homemade pie for dessert.

Talk about a lot of pressure to live up to.

Looking at my mom’s hospitality, I can easily see that I don’t measure up. But, does that mean that I am failing in hospitality?

Nope! Because there are some secrets to hospitality that my momma didn’t tell me.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of hospitality? Here are three secrets that make hospitality much easier, that your mother may not have told you!|Path Through the Narrow Gate

12 Seriously Fun Memory Verse Bible Games

Do you help children memorize Bible verses? Whether you are teaching one child at home or 25 children in a classroom, you need easy ways to make memory verse time seriously fun. These 12 games will help you to do exactly that – with very little prep time and using objects you probably already have in your home.

12 Seriously Fun Bible Memory Games (Perfect for home or classroom use!)|Path Through the Narrow Gate

The Easiest Way to Make a Bible Verse Printable

Whether you are teaching a verse to your own family or teaching it to a Sunday school class, whether you want to tape a verse to your fridge or cut it apart to make a Bible verse puzzle, sometimes you need a Bible verse printable – fast!

This tutorial shows step-by-step EXACTLY how to make Bible verse printables quickly and easily in Canva - even if you aren't a computer genius.|Path Through the Narrow Gate

In this tutorial, I am going to show you step-by-step EXACTLY how you can make Bible verse printables quickly and easily – even if you aren’t a computer genius.

Are you ready to create an amazing Bible verse printable?

You Can Teach Your Children How to Pray!

7 Simple Ways to Teach Your Children How to Pray.

If I were to ask you, “What are the top ten most important things that you can teach your children?”, would teaching your children how to pray make your list?

We teach our children how to add and subtract, how to play musical instruments or sports, and how to read. But, how many of us can say that we have made it a priority to teach our children how to pray?

7 simple ways to teach your children to pray 4

If you are a Christian parent, you probably know that prayer is important. But, knowing that prayer is important is not enough. We need to be intentionally teaching our kids how to pray.

Here are some simple and practical ideas to help you as you teach your child how to pray. Read More at Faith Along the Way…


Is There More to Life than Having Fun?

A Shocking Secret Many Parents Aren't Telling Their Kids...

Would your children be shocked to hear that there is more to life than having fun?

Many of us desperately want to make sure that our children enjoy “fun” childhoods. While this desire is not inherently bad, we can easily make the pursuit of “fun” far more important than it really should be.

Are you inadvertently teaching your kids that life is all about fun?|Path Through the Narrow Gate

Could it be that you and I are teaching our children that “fun” is the ultimate measure of something’s worth?