Bible Verse Marble Maze

Sunday School + Craft Time + 3rd and 4rth Grade Boys can be… difficult.

My 3rd and 4rth grade girls (and one or two boys) love to make crafts in Sunday School. But, many of the boys immediately rebel at the mere thought of craft time.

I wanted to come up with a craft idea that would be appealing to the boys (and the girls!) while helping to reinforce the verse we have been memorizing. Then, I saw these Paper Plate Marble Mazes from Buggy and Buddy – and knew that I could adapt them to a Sunday School craft that ALL of my kids would love!

Potato Print Trees Based on Psalm 1

A Beautiful, Fun Craft to Celebrate Fall

The fall colors have been less than spectacular this year, but that hasn’t stopped us from celebrating fall! These potato print trees based on Psalm 1 are the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of fall.

(And my kids were AMAZED that you could use a potato to make a stamp. Sometimes, it really is the simplest things that bring the most amazement.)

These trees could also be made with green leaves and a stream of water drawn in, if you want to stay closer to the meaning of the verses.

fall tree craft 10

Bible Verse Treasure Box Craft

Encourage Your Kids to Treasure God's Word in Their Hearts

Would you like to encourage your kids to treasure God’s Word in the their hearts? Help them make a beautiful Bible verse treasure box to store their favorite verses. This post includes three printable verses to get you started.

Treasure Boxes 5

“The Heavens Declare” Watercolor Sky Pictures

A Fun Art Form and Glow-In-The-Dark Paint Make a Bible Verse Come Alive

Watercolor paints are a blast to use! Introduce your child to this art form by painting beautiful watercolor sky pictures, complete with glow-in-the-dark stars and a reminder of God’s greatness.

Sky 10