Last Minute Thanksgiving Activities, Traditions, and Table Decor

Amazing Ideas to Add Meaning and Enjoyment to Thanksgiving, Even If You Have NO TIME and NO MONEY

Do you need some last minute Thanksgiving ideas?

I often wait until the last minute to come up with ideas for the holidays. Then, I do a quick search on pinterest and am overwhelmed by the projects – projects that require days to complete, lots of materials that I don’t have money to buy, and more “crafting” skill than I will ever have.

Thanksgiving compilation FB

This list is not like that.

The ideas in this list can be pulled together quickly with inexpensive materials that you probably already have on hand.

My Thanksgiving Notebook

Celebrate the History and True Meaning of Thanksgiving

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Thanksgiving is so much more than a day to eat turkey. Use this adorable Thanksgiving notebook to bring meaning back into your Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving notebook pic 6

Teach your kids what Thanksgiving is all about with this fun Thanksgiving notebook. Simply print it out, follow the simple directions below, and fill it in with your own words and ideas.

Printable Thanksgiving Place Holders

With Verses of Thankfulness

Are you looking for a simple and cute way to add some verses of Thanksgiving to your holiday table? These adorable printable Thanksgiving place holders are just the ticket! The printable Thanksgiving place holders come in 8 different designs, featuring 8 different verses of thankfulness and praise. There is space at the top for each person’s name as well as lines at the bottom for your family to write down what they are thankful for.

Thanksgiving place holders 4

These printables come in colored and black and white versions (perfect for kids to color while waiting for the turkey to be carved.)  They can be downloaded in KJV, NIV, or ESV Bible versions.

Thankful Dry Erase Craft

Including Six Different Background Printables

Would you like a beautiful reminder to be thankful each day? This super-simple thankful dry erase craft project featuring Psalm 92:1 produces a lovely, displayable picture that you can write on again and again. It is not only a great reminder to “count your blessings”, but also a great way to encourage your children to express their gratitude as well.

Thankful dry erase 3

Thankful Tree Craft

This craft is so easy, but turned out so cute! I love Thanksgiving crafts that encourage thankfulness – the true reason for celebrating Thanksgiving. (By the way, allow me to digress into a pet peeve for a moment. Can we all fight this trend to call Thanksgiving “Turkey Day”? Thanksgiving is so much more than just a day when everyone stuffs themselves with turkey and watches football and plans what junk they are going to go buy the next day. At least I hope it is.)