5 Ugly Truths Christians are Ignoring About Christian Romance Novels

I am an avid reader.

I love to escape into other worlds, to experience things that I would never otherwise get to experience and to learn things I would never otherwise get to learn – all from the comfort of my own sofa.

Which is why I recently found myself browsing the Christian fiction section of my local library.

It feels so safe to choose a book off the Christian fiction shelf at the library. These are books that won’t have bad language, overt sex scenes, or promotion of bad morals, right?

So, I grabbed a book off the shelf. A book that is a New York Times Bestseller. A book that is advertised as being  about a small town, and not overly romantic.

And I found myself captivated by a romance story that seemed so “innocent” and “safe”, yet ugly dangers were lurking right under the shiny cover.

Are "Christian Romance Novels" actually dangerous? This post includes a set of questions to ask yourself as you read fiction books.

5 Truths to Remember When Family Relationships Go Sour

Christmas and holidays and birthday parties and family celebrations and extended family vacations….

Do these words fill you with joyful expectations and warm fuzzies as you think about your extended family relationships?

Or, would you rather spend time with your dentist undergoing a root canal?

What can we do when family relationships go sour? I love the hope and encouragement in this post!

We choose our friends. We don’t choose our family members. But, for better or for worse, our family members seem to stick with us through life.

What can we do when family relationships go sour?

Building Relationships in a Closed-Door Culture

Moments of rejection stay with us, don’t they?

Are you intentionally putting yourself "out there" to build relationships with your neighbors for the sake of sharing your faith? Here's some encouragement and ideas to help you do just that.

I will never forget the time that I made cookies and took them over to my new neighbor.

It happened on a Saturday, not long after they had moved in. I noticed that my new neighbors were having a garage sale – and I thought it would be the perfect time to go over and introduce myself and welcome them to the neighborhood.

So, I quickly baked some cookies, arranged them on a disposable plate, and walked over to their home.

12 Outrageously Fun Road Trip Ideas for OLDER Kids

My family is going on a long car drive soon…

Which got me thinking… How can I keep my “older” kids (10, 10, and 7) happy in a car for over 5 hours?

Going on a family vacation, Sunday School outing, or youth group trip with older kids? Here are 12 Outrageously Fun Road Trip Ideas for Older Kids.

Here are 12 Outrageously Fun Road Trip Ideas for OLDER Kids. These ideas are perfect for family vacations, Sunday School outings, or long drives with your youth group.

5 Surprising Truths You May Not Be Teaching Your Kids About Resiliency

I often pass a school sign that has this message for their students in giant letters:

Have a safe and fun summer.

Somehow, this sign strikes me as slightly ludicrous. Are these really our two highest values for our children?

Often, with all of our focus on “safety” and “fun”, I am afraid that we are giving our children a very false idea of life. Because, let’s face it, real life is not exactly safe. Or fun.

Are you teaching your kids these five important truths that will help them to develop resiliency as they face experience life's hardships?| Path Through the Narrow Gate.com

3 Secrets About Hospitality – That Your Mother Didn’t Tell You!

I come from a family that prioritized hospitality. My Grandmas, my aunts, my mom – they invited people into their immaculately clean homes every Sunday afternoon to share a pot roast dinner and homemade pie for dessert.

Talk about a lot of pressure to live up to.

Looking at my mom’s hospitality, I can easily see that I don’t measure up. But, does that mean that I am failing in hospitality?

Nope! Because there are some secrets to hospitality that my momma didn’t tell me.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of hospitality? Here are three secrets that make hospitality much easier, that your mother may not have told you!|Path Through the Narrow Gate

Is There More to Life than Having Fun?

A Shocking Secret Many Parents Aren't Telling Their Kids...

Would your children be shocked to hear that there is more to life than having fun?

Many of us desperately want to make sure that our children enjoy “fun” childhoods. While this desire is not inherently bad, we can easily make the pursuit of “fun” far more important than it really should be.

Are you inadvertently teaching your kids that life is all about fun?|Path Through the Narrow Gate

Could it be that you and I are teaching our children that “fun” is the ultimate measure of something’s worth?

3 Ways That Christian Parents Must Respond to the Transgender Bathroom Debate

I have to admit, I took the transgender bathroom letter from President Obama pretty hard last week.

I am worried about a culture and a government that are willing to put the safety of children aside in order to accommodate a handful of people.

I am deeply concerned about a government who thinks it has the right to dictate policy to local school districts.

How can Christians respond to the transgender bathroom debate? There are three important things that we must realize and do - and they begin at home.

I am grieved by the plight of transgender people who are caught in the middle of this debate, at risk themselves in so many ways, and desperately needing God’s truth and love in their lives.

And, of course, as a mother I want to hold my children close and keep them safe and innocent. I don’t want them to be put at risk in any way.

How can we, as Christian parents, respond to the transgender bathroom issue? Here are 3 ways that Christian parents must respond: