18 Fun-Filled Winter Activities for Home and School

Crafts, Science Experiments, Active Play - There Is Something For Every Child on This List!

Christmas is over and a long winter stretches before us – often filled with snow and always filled with lots of school work! The days are long and dark and often it feels like there is nothing to look forward to for months on end. But, with this list of fun winter activities, you can beat the winter blues this year.

You don't have to dread the long winter months! Check out this list of fun winter activities including crafts, science, and active play ideas.

Plastic Cup Bowling Pins

Plus, two active games perfect for indoor fun!

Winter is here, Christmas is over, school is re-starting for the long semester…

Often during this season my kids need a fun, indoor game that will get them active and laughing.

Cups Games 9

A set of plastic disposable cups, some beans, a hot glue gun, some balls, and a couple of pairs of stockings (all items we had laying around the house!) have given my kids two active games that they have loved. Your kids will have a blast with these acitivities, too!

Christmas Glitter Cards

A Beautiful Yet Simple Gift to Make and Give

Are you looking for some inexpensive but beautiful gifts your children can make and give to friends, grandparents, teachers, and classmates? These simple, rustic Christmas Glitter Cards are a perfect way to let someone special know that you are thinking of them this Christmas season.

Christmas Cards 13

These cards are super easy to make. Their appeal comes from the “hand drawn” quality of each card. Each card is its own unique masterpiece.

My Thanksgiving Notebook

Celebrate the History and True Meaning of Thanksgiving

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Thanksgiving is so much more than a day to eat turkey. Use this adorable Thanksgiving notebook to bring meaning back into your Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving notebook pic 6

Teach your kids what Thanksgiving is all about with this fun Thanksgiving notebook. Simply print it out, follow the simple directions below, and fill it in with your own words and ideas.

Thankful Dry Erase Craft

Including Six Different Background Printables

Would you like a beautiful reminder to be thankful each day? This super-simple thankful dry erase craft project featuring Psalm 92:1 produces a lovely, displayable picture that you can write on again and again. It is not only a great reminder to “count your blessings”, but also a great way to encourage your children to express their gratitude as well.

Thankful dry erase 3

Potato Print Trees Based on Psalm 1

A Beautiful, Fun Craft to Celebrate Fall

The fall colors have been less than spectacular this year, but that hasn’t stopped us from celebrating fall! These potato print trees based on Psalm 1 are the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of fall.

(And my kids were AMAZED that you could use a potato to make a stamp. Sometimes, it really is the simplest things that bring the most amazement.)

These trees could also be made with green leaves and a stream of water drawn in, if you want to stay closer to the meaning of the verses.

fall tree craft 10