Mailbox Love Note Based on 1 John 3:1&18

Remind Someone of God's Great Love Today

Have you stopped to think about God’s great love today? He loves you and me so much that He has determined that we should be called the children of God, if we place our trust in Him.

Take a moment to appreciate God’s love for you today, then encourage someone else with this beautiful mailbox love note reminder of God’s love.

1 john 3

Encourage Someone Today with a Bible Love Note Based On Psalm 95:1-2

Are you feeling joyful? Grateful? Don’t keep it to yourself! You can share your joy and thanksgiving while being an encouragement to someone else!

Encourage someone special by giving them a precious Bible love note based on Psalm 95:1-2. It only takes a moment to remind someone you love of why you thank God for them.
psalm 95 1 2