You Can Teach Your Children How to Pray!

7 Simple Ways to Teach Your Children How to Pray.

If I were to ask you, “What are the top ten most important things that you can teach your children?”, would teaching your children how to pray make your list?

We teach our children how to add and subtract, how to play musical instruments or sports, and how to read. But, how many of us can say that we have made it a priority to teach our children how to pray?

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If you are a Christian parent, you probably know that prayer is important. But, knowing that prayer is important is not enough. We need to be intentionally teaching our kids how to pray.

Here are some simple and practical ideas to help you as you teach your child how to pray. Read More at Faith Along the Way…


3 Ways to Pray for Your Children’s Spiritual Leaders

If you are like me, you probably pray for your children frequently.

But, when was the last time that you prayed specifically and earnestly for the spiritual leaders in your children’s lives?

Are you praying for your pastor, Sunday School teachers, VBS leaders? These people are speaking truth into your child's life, and they need your prayers!|Path Through the Narrow

Pastors, missionaries, Sunday School teachers, Vacation Bible School leaders, Awana leaders, school teachers – These people are ready to come alongside us and speak truth into our children’s lives.

And, they definitely need our prayers!

Do You REALLY KNOW How to Pray for Your Children?

Do you know how to pray for your children?

I mean, do you REALLY KNOW how to pray for your children? Are you able to confidently pray for your children because you know that you are praying God’s will for them? Are you able to spend time on your knees in earnest intercession for your children?

Do you really know how to pray for your children? |Path Through the Narrow

So often I mutter a brief prayer in the morning for my children’s health and safety and then move onto the “important” things in my day (like making breakfast and emptying the dishwasher).

Meanwhile, Satan is prowling as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). And he has his eyes on your children and mine.

Prayer Board

Is one of your goals this year is to be more faithful in your prayer life? It is certainly something that I have been thinking about a lot lately.

I wanted to find a way to make prayer requests easily visible, and to create a tangible, obvious reminder to pray.

This DIY Prayer Board is a simple way to do just that.

Prayer Board FB man

The Reason I Fail to Share My Faith

Have you ever experienced a “witnessing failure”? I did, just two months ago.

I felt convicted that I should probably witness to my neighbor. So, when I saw her outside, I went over and talked to her. But, somehow the conversation never came around to spiritual things. I felt too awkward to just randomly jump into the “Where are you going when you die?” question. After discussing the weather and her upcoming mini-marathon race, I finally walked away with a feeble “Well, God bless you,” muttered under my breath.

I reasoned that hopefully she now knows that I am a Christian and will come to me if she has any questions. Duty accomplished. I guess.

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Why did I fail to share my faith? I believe that the first reason was a lack of prayer.

5 Essential Things To Pray for the People You Love

I struggle with prayer.

I find it so easy to fall into a rut, muttering a few generic prayers in the morning and in the evening for the safety and health of my family and friends before rushing off to do the “important” things that need to get done – like getting breakfast on the table or school papers organized for the next day.

In my heart, I know the importance and privilege of intercessory prayer. And, how I long to be able to really pray with boldness for the people around me, the people that I love.

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God calls us to prayer. There is no work more important. So why do we often fail in this area?

Teach Us to Pray Worship Verse Cards

Do you struggle with knowing how to worship God in prayer? Don’t worry – there are lots of inspired examples of worshipful prayers throughout the Bible to learn from.

These Teach Us to Pray Worship Verse Cards are designed to be used by older kids and adults as prompts to worship God in prayer. You may choose to worship God for a virtue mentioned in the prayers, or you may choose to pray through the prayer as written, personalizing it as you desire. Either way, these 10 prayer cards will increase your faith and your ability to worship as they remind you of how great God truly is.

These Teach Us to Pray Worship Verse Cards are designed to be used by older kids and adults as prompts to worship God in prayer.