Lacing Cards Church Quiet Bag

Do you struggle with keeping your young children quiet during church services? How can you keep children quietly entertained during a church service, a long car ride, or a doctor office visit?

This Church Quiet Bag series is here to help you answer that question. Every activity in the Church Quiet Bag series is chosen specifically because it is QUIET (no clanking duplos, if you know what I mean) and easily portable.

So, here’s the next Church Quiet Bag: Lacing Cards!

Lacing Cards Church Quiet Bag|Path Through the Narrow Gate

These lacing cards are really easy to make and sure to keep your child’s fingers quietly busy.

Dry Erase Church Quiet Bag

Do you need a quiet activity that can keep your child engaged during a church service or any other place? You need to try out the Dry Erase Church Quiet Bag!

Dry Erase Church Quiet Bags fea

The Dry Erase Church Quiet Bag includes several activity cards, a homemade dry erase “board”, and a transparent dry erase frame. It conveniently fits into a binder pouch for easy storage and portability.

Plastic Cup Bowling Pins

Plus, two active games perfect for indoor fun!

Winter is here, Christmas is over, school is re-starting for the long semester…

Often during this season my kids need a fun, indoor game that will get them active and laughing.

Cups Games 9

A set of plastic disposable cups, some beans, a hot glue gun, some balls, and a couple of pairs of stockings (all items we had laying around the house!) have given my kids two active games that they have loved. Your kids will have a blast with these acitivities, too!

Bible Verse Treasure Box Craft

Encourage Your Kids to Treasure God's Word in Their Hearts

Would you like to encourage your kids to treasure God’s Word in the their hearts? Help them make a beautiful Bible verse treasure box to store their favorite verses. This post includes three printable verses to get you started.

Treasure Boxes 5

Clothespin Verse Activity

Are you looking for a fun activity to help children memorize verses that requires little preparation and materials you already have on hand? This clothespin verse activity is a perfect solution! It can be used in a home setting with a single child or in a classroom setting.

clothespin verse FB