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If you are exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed, and even resentful, you are not alone. Elijah felt this way too, and God's response might surprise you!|Lessons from Elijah     How can Christians respond to the transgender bathroom debate? There are three important things that we must realize and do - and they begin at home.      Are you inadvertently teaching your kids that life is all about fun?|Path Through the Narrow Gate      mailbox love notes pin

These free printable verse cards are a perfect way to share the Gospel with your kids, or to hand out to kids visiting your Sunday School or Awana.|How to Share the Gospel with Kids in 6 Simple Steps|Path Through the Narrow      How would you respond if your child doubted God? Here are 3 TERRIBLE ways to respond when your child questions God, and 7 Responses that are really HELPFUL.      Have your children ever questioned God? It can be a terrifying experience for parents. This post offers real help.|Path Through the Narrow      Have you ever wondered if you are really going to end up in heaven after you die? The Bible tells us about a man named Nicodemus who had this same question.| How Can I know If I am Going to Heaven?

Do you feel like a failure because you don't measure up to your own expectations for being a "fun" mom? Let's stop measuring our value as parents with the yard stick of "fun" experiences. You don't have to be a fun mom to be a good mom!      Do you measure your worth by the amount of success you have in your life? God measures your worth by your faithfulness, not your success.|Are you Measuring Your Worth by Your Success?|Path Through the Narrow Gate      What will your legacy be? After you die, will anyone remember your job promotions? Your volunteer work? Or the little moments of kindness?| What Will Your Legacy Be?|Path Through the Narrow      Is life not going the way you thought it would? How can Christians deal with crushed expectations? Lessons from Peter...

Are we ready to take up the important, uncomfortable, time-consuming task of mentoring our children? Or will we believe Satan's lies and fail in mentoring our children?      God does not promise a good life for my children here on this earth. In fact, He may even call my children to face persecution. How can I, as a faithful Christian mother, prepare my children for the possibility of persecution?      Are you living an honorable life?      Why is honor no longer valued in our culture? Are we teaching our children to value honor above popularity?

Have you ever found yourself asking, "Is my child saved?" Here are two signs that do NOT guarantee your child's salvation - and they may surprise you!      Have you ever wondered, "Is my child saved?" This post has some interesting thoughts to help parents consider this.      Teach your kids how to be thankful with these 7 practical tips, including how to say thank you and how to write thank you notes.      The more that we believe that a perfect family exists, the more that we can become dissatisfied with our own imperfect family and imperfect situation.

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Books For Christian Parents:

Be The Mom looks at 7 attitude traps that moms can easily fall into and offers encouragement for overcoming them so that we can enjoy our kids again.|Path Through the Narrow      Give Them Grace Pin 3      Smart Money pin 1      Are you ready to answer your kids' difficult questions? Answering Your Kids' Toughest Questions: Helping Them Understand Loss, Sin, Tragedies, and Other Hard Topics was written specifically to help parents answer their kids' tough questions from a Biblical perspective.

Six Ways Little Girl pin 2      In Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy, author Dannah Gresh identifies the dangers boys face, and offers hope and help in overcoming these dangers.      If you feel that you are losing ground as your to-do list gets longer and longer, than you need to read the book, Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book About a (Really) Big Problem by Kevin DeYoung.      Cleaning House pin

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Books to Share With Your Kids

Answers Books for Kids pin 1      Everyday Graces Pin 1      Crushed pin 1      Counter Culture is an excellent book reminding us that God has called us to stand against our culture when our culture is wrong.

Kisses from Katie is a beautiful story of hope, made possible by a God who loves the least of these and a woman who was available to be used by God.