Homeschool Encouragement


These posts were so helpful - I am going to be referencing this often!  Does your child hate reading? Does he have no interest in reading? My son didn't like it either until he started reading these fun easy readers.

Homeschool Organization


This article has lots of helpful advice on creating a homeschool schedule that actually works! I am definitely trying some of these ideas! Its almost time to start school! Here is a list of some of my favorite fun and essential homeschool supplies. Time Block Schedule index


Homeschool Sanity Savers


Spelling pin 2  Has all the joy of learning flown out your homeschool window? Are you and your children enduring day after day of drudgery? Try implementing a few of these ideas to liven up your homeschool routine.  Try instantly changing the mood in your home by playing some happy music for homeschoolers! These 21 Songs are sure to lift your spirits.  Are you suffering from homeschool fatigue? These seven habits will help you and your children stay focused when the year starts feeling long.

Homeschool Seasonal Fun


These ideas are so cute, but so simple too - I definitely want to try the potato print cards and the cinnamon ornaments.  You don't have to dread the long winter months! Check out this list of fun winter activities including crafts, science, and active play ideas.

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