Printable Thanksgiving Place Holders

With Verses of Thankfulness

Are you looking for a simple and cute way to add some verses of Thanksgiving to your holiday table? These adorable printable Thanksgiving place holders are just the ticket! The printable Thanksgiving place holders come in 8 different designs, featuring 8 different verses of thankfulness and praise. There is space at the top for each person’s name as well as lines at the bottom for your family to write down what they are thankful for.

Thanksgiving place holders 4

These printables come in colored and black and white versions (perfect for kids to color while waiting for the turkey to be carved.)  They can be downloaded in KJV, NIV, or ESV Bible versions.

Thanksgiving place holders 2 Thanksgiving place holders 1

If you wish to make the cards stand up, tape or glue them to a piece of cardstock, then tape a rectangle of cardstock to the back that the card can lean back on – just like a table top frame.

Thanksgiving place holders 3 Thanksgiving place holders 5 Thanksgiving place holders 6

Print the [Thanksgiving Place Holders Color KJV]

Print the [Thanksgiving Place Holders Color NIV]

Print the [Thanksgiving Place Holders Color ESV]

Print the [Thanksgiving Place Holders Black and White KJV]

Print the [Thanksgiving Place Holders Black and White NIV]

Print the [Thanksgiving Place Holders Black and White ESV]

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