A Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween

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A Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween

A Halloween Bible Study



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As Christians, how can we talk to our children about Halloween, a holiday that celebrates fear, darkness, evil, and death?

Your little girl is horrified by a scary decoration hanging in your neighbor’s yard…

Your son mentions that vampires are cool…

Your daughter wants to know why people are so obsessed with death…

Your son wants to know why you celebrate Halloween differently than your neighbors…

How will you respond to these loaded questions and situations?

You can respond to them with the  Gospel!

A Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween is a Bible study that will help you to confidently talk to your kids about Halloween. Using the Bible as your foundation, this study will help you show your kids how the gospel relates to six different aspects of Halloween – Trick or Treating, Costumes, Darkness, Fear, Evil, and Death.

Open-ended discussion questions will challenge your kids to think a little deeper about what Halloween really means and will enable you to talk to your kids about how your own family has chosen to approach Halloween. Encouraging Bible verses will remind your children that God is still in control and that Jesus has conquered darkness, fear, evil, and death. Beautiful graphics and relevant topics make this Bible studying engaging and enjoyable to complete.

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Here’s what people are saying about A Sweet Opportunity:

Whether your family chooses to celebrate Halloween or not, one thing is for sure: you can’t ignore it! This fantastic Halloween study allows parents to discuss some really important issues in a way even younger children can understand. With topics including finding your happiness in God, hiding from God and fear, this is one study that is much needed for Christian families today–especially during this spooky time of year! I would absolutely recommend this study for any family with children in elementary or middle school who are ready to dive into the bigger issues surrounding what it means to be a Christian in today’s culture.    –Brittany