Are You Protecting Your Family?

By Anna Lowell

Aug 22

Recently, I heard about an attempted robbery at a home not far from where I live.

The would-be-robbers entered a home while the home owners were present. Thankfully, the husband had a shotgun and chased the robbers out of his home. What could have been a horrible situation ended with no injuries.


This incident occurred during a week when my husband was out of town on a business trip. The robbers escaped. So, naturally, I panicked.

I was certain that the robbers would return the next night to a home near the scene of the original crime (i.e., my home) and try again.

But, no problem, my husband has some guns. I thought that surely I could protect myself and my children with one of my husband’s guns.

Today, on Jackie Bledsoe’s blog, I wrote about how I did at protecting my kids and what this amusing incident taught me about family Bible study and the importance of husbands and fathers being involved in family devotions. Read More…