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Jun 26

Can Children Understand the Bible?

By Anna Lowell

I recently read an article written by Michael Hyatt in which he described his experiences as a child reading the Bible.

“I remember the first time I tried to read the Bible for myself. I found my grandfather’s copy on a shelf in his living room. I was nine years old. I sat down on the floor cross-legged, with the Bible on my lap. I opened it slowly…reverently…and began to read.

The Bible is God's Living Word, and it is written for children and adults! You can intentionally teach your children that God's Word is for them.

  • I was fascinated by God’s creation of the heavens, earth, and man in Genesis 1-2.
  • I was swept into the drama of man’s temptation and fall in Genesis 3.
  • I was saddened by Cain’s murder of Abel in Genesis 4.

I felt like I had discovered a lost book-the key to the universe! I was captivated.

Then I hit the “begats” in Genesis 5.

Oh boy.

My eyes glazed over.

I closed the Bible, stood up, and slipped it back on the shelf. I didn’t pick it up again for another ten years.”
(Excerpt from How to Read the Bible and Enjoy It by Michael Hyatt)

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Jun 24

Cleaning House

By Anna Lowell

In an effort to be a loving and kind parent, are you teaching your kids that they deserve to be served?

In the name of efficiency and a job-well-done, are you teaching your kids that they are incapable of working hard or doing things correctly?

In an effort to give them a “carefree, responsibility-free” childhood, are you causing them to doubt their self-worth?

In an attempt to keep your kids “safe”, are you stifling their growth?

Are you raising your kids to feel entitled to freebies and incapable of work?

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Jun 19

Teach Us to Pray Worship Verse Cards

By Anna Lowell

Do you struggle with knowing how to worship God in prayer? Don’t worry – there are lots of inspired examples of worshipful prayers throughout the Bible to learn from.

These Teach Us to Pray Worship Verse Cards are designed to be used by older kids and adults as prompts to worship God in prayer. You may choose to worship God for a virtue mentioned in the prayers, or you may choose to pray through the prayer as written, personalizing it as you desire. Either way, these 10 prayer cards will increase your faith and your ability to worship as they remind you of how great God truly is.

These Teach Us to Pray Worship Verse Cards are designed to be used by older kids and adults as prompts to worship God in prayer.

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Jun 15

The Hole in Our Holiness

By Anna Lowell

Are you taking your growth in holiness seriously?

Is holiness a characteristic that Christians should even be pursuing?

In recent past generations, the concept of holiness was characterized by adherence to certain legalistic “Do’s” and “Don’ts” – “Don’t dance, don’t go to movie theaters, don’t drink alcoholic beverages, do go to church every Sunday…” and you will be OK with God.

Hole in Our Holiness FB

The modern American church has kicked back against this legalistic approach by proclaiming that Christians have “liberties” and that no Christian should judge another Christian for his or her lifestyle choices. The pursuit of holiness is now downplayed in many churches if not condemned as not “politically correct”.

In the book The Hole in Our Holiness, Kevin DeYoung refutes both positions by taking us straight back to the Bible to see what God says about holiness.

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Jun 12

Do YOU Know How to Worship?

By Anna Lowell

What comes to you mind when you think of worship? Do you think of emotionally-stirring church music services? Do you think of angels standing before the throne of God calling out “Holy, Holy, Holy”? Do you think of monks secluded in a monastery, listening to Gregorian chants? Do you feel guilty and defeated because you know that you should be worshiping God, but this worship seems like one more demand on your time or duty to fulfill? Or, if you are like me, do you feel that you are unable to worship because you are just too stiff to get your hands swaying in the air on Sunday morning at church? Do you really know how to worship?

What comes to you mind when you think of worship? Do you even know how to worship?

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Jun 08

Clothespin Verse Activity

By Anna Lowell

Are you looking for a fun activity to help children memorize verses that requires little preparation and materials you already have on hand? This clothespin verse activity is a perfect solution! It can be used in a home setting with a single child or in a classroom setting.

clothespin verse FB

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Jun 02

Are You Allowing the Demon of Comparison to Destroy Your Family?

By Anna Lowell

We are surrounded by images of completely fabricated “perfect” families- Images of gorgeous, bright-eyed young moms holding perfect newborns, images of perfect family vacations, images of.. well, perfect families.

The more that we believe that a perfect family exists, the more that we can become dissatisfied with our own imperfect families and imperfect situations.

Allow me to illustrate. You know what a family breakfast should look like, right?

Comparison Destroying 1

So, why does my family breakfast look more like this?

Comparison Destroying 2

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