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Aug 10

My Favorite Homeschool Supplies

By Anna Lowell

I am getting all geared up for the coming school year. How about you?

fav school things fea

Which brings me to the subject of school shopping and homeschool supplies. Isn’t there just something thrilling about the smell and look of a new box of crayons, pencils, or pack of paper? Oh, the possibilities…. It makes me feel like a kid again!

Here is a list of some of my favorite homeschool supplies:

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Aug 05

Is Bible Reading Just a Check on Your To-Do List?

By Anna Lowell

I have a confession to make. I have been struggling a lot lately with my personal devotional time.

prayer journal fea

It’s not that I haven’t been reading the Bible. I have been faithfully reading it every morning. But that doesn’t mean that I have been getting much out of it.

Far too often I can allow my eyes to fly over the words of the Bible without absorbing what God is telling me in His Word. I finish my “quiet time” with prayer, but I don’t know what to pray for, or how to pray. So, I close my eyes and promptly fall asleep. Unless I am intentionally interacting with the Bible and praying for God’s Word to enter into my heart, it is easy for Bible reading to become an “academic” pursuit much like reading through a boring textbook. Bible reading and “prayer” becomes nothing more than a box on my “to do” list that I check off each morning.

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Aug 03

Why Can’t We Figure Out The Difference Between Right and Wrong?

By Anna Lowell

Why does our society seem to have such self-contradictory ideas about what is right and wrong?

For example:

  • Many people seem to be more outraged over the killing of a lion than over possibility that the dissection and selling of human baby organs is occurring.
  • If a man in the office tells a 32 year old woman she looks nice in a particular dress, he has engaged in “workplace sexual harassment”, yet in some states a sixteen year old boy can have complete access to a girls’ high school locker room if he happens to feel like a girl that day.
  • We are supposed to celebrate both Muslims and homosexuals and their rights, yet wherever Sharia law takes over, the homosexuals are all slaughtered.
  • We celebrate Women’s Rights and Women’s Liberation movements and yet it seems that more and more girls are being forced into sexual relationships at younger and younger ages while far too many boys are viewing the sex that occurs in pornography as being the normal standard for sexual experiences.

Is the World Going Crazy fea

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Jul 20

Crazy Busy

By Anna Lowell

  • Do you feel like your to-do list gets longer each day?
  • Do you feel like your relationships are taking second place to your work obligations?
  • If you were suddenly granted some free time, would you use it to get chores or work done?
  • Do your family members complain that you are too busy?
  • Is your spiritual life suffering because you don’t have time to read the Bible or pray?
  • Are you constantly tired because you are not getting enough sleep at night?
  • Have you neglected all of your interests or hobbies because you don’t have time for them anymore?

Crazy Busy FB

If you feel that you are struggling in any of these areas, than you need to read the book, Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book About a (Really) Big Problem by Kevin DeYoung.

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Jul 16

Are You Nurturing Brood Parasites?

By Anna Lowell

Once there was a little Wood Thrush. She built her little cup nest of the finest grass, twigs, and mud that she could find. After several days of hard work, the nest was done. She gently deposited four beautiful turquoise green eggs into the nest. Her mate stood nearby, ready to help her care for their young once they hatched.

birds nest

Soon after the thrush had finished laying her eggs, she went to find some food. When she returned to her nest, the nest was holding not only four beautiful little turquoise eggs, but also one larger white and brown speckled egg.

The little Wood Thrush didn’t even seem to notice. She cared for the five eggs with all of her motherly instinct. When the eggs hatched, four little Wood Thrushes greeted their mother. But, the little Wood Thrush made no differentiation between her own brood and the larger Brown Cowbird that shared her nest.Continue reading

Jul 13

Ten Adventure Books for Teen Boys

By Anna Lowell

Books for teen boys can be hard to find. You want books that will encourage them to become strong young men but that will also hold their interest. Each of these books for teen boys are memorable stories with amazing heroes that will stick with your boys as they grow into young men.

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Jul 09

Are You Teaching Your Children How To Worship?

By Anna Lowell

Can anything bring more joy to the heart of a Christian parent than seeing his or her child worshiping God in spirit and in truth?

Are you intentionally teaching your child how to worship?

are you teaching your children to worship fb

I don’t know about you, but worship can seem overwhelming to me as an individual. It is difficult to define and feels awkward to do, at first.

But the truth is that worship is not hard. It is easily within the reach of every Christian, even young children. In fact, God is seeking people who will worship Him. You can worship God, too, and you can teach your family to worship. It just requires a little bit of time and intentionality, as well as a basic knowledge of the Bible.

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