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Jun 19

14 Easy Ways to Make Bible Memory Fun!

By Anna Lowell

Do you want to memorize Bible verses with your kids, but find that it always becomes a battles of the wills?

Does Bible memorization leave both you and your child feeling frustrated?

Do you wonder if it is even worth the effort?

Scripture memory doesn’t have to be stressful and frustrating. You can change Bible memorization from frustration to fun with these simple games and activities.

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Jun 05

A Vision for Family Bible Study

By Anna Lowell

For my thirtieth birthday, my husband took me to see the Celtic Woman perform at a live concert. This event re-awakened a desire that I have had since childhood – to learn to play the violin.

The next year, I purchased a used violin off of Craigslist and a beginner’s violin book. I had never even handled a violin before, but I really wanted to learn how to play.

I knew that it would be rough going – I mean, who picks up the violin as an adult? People told me that I was too old to learn. I didn’t have money for lessons. I squeaked and squawked. I sounded awful!

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Feb 27

A Super-Simple Family Bible Study Plan for Busy Families

By Anna Lowell

We have all heard it said over and over again: “If you don’t have a plan, you will fail.”

This certainly holds true for family Bible study!

My husband and I are committed to studying the Bible with our kids. In fact, it’s not hard for us to be consistent with family Bible study when we have a good devotional or Bible study resource that we are working through. But, when we finish one book and don’t have another one to jump into, we quickly get… stuck. Sidetracked. Unsure of what to do next.

Days, weeks, even months can go by while we flounder with family Bible study – simply because we lack a plan.

But, thanks to The Bible Study Toolkit from Faith Along the Way, I now have a family Bible study plan for my own family – for those difficult, “in between” times.

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Aug 17

4 Practical Ways To Encourage Your Kids to Read the Bible… for Themselves!

By Anna Lowell

The Bible is the most important book in the world. Yet, unfortunately, many Christians never read it.

How about you? Do you read it? And, are you encouraging your kids to read it?

How can we encourage our kids to read the Bible... for themselves? Here are four practical tips to help us intentionally teach our kids to love God's Word.

As parents, we need to be intentional about teaching our children to love God’s Words and to seek the Bible’s wisdom on a daily basis.

How can we encourage our kids to make daily Bible reading a habit?

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Aug 10

To the Family that Has NO TIME for Family Devotions

By Anna Lowell

Do you feel like you have no time for family devotions? 

On a recent survey, many of you told me that your biggest struggle with family devotions is a lack of time.

Believe me, I totally get this!

Our schedules are so packed that we often feel like we don’t have time to breathe. When we do get an extra 10 minutes in our day, we either collapse in a semi-comatose state watching T.V. or scrolling through facebook, or we put it into hyper-drive and try to get a little more work done.

Do you feel like you have no time for family devotions? Family devotions doesn't have to take a lot of time, especially when you follow these 5 easy steps.| Path Through the Narrow

But, I want to ask you: What is the most important thing that you did today? What is the most important thing on your to-do list tomorrow? Stop for a moment and think about it.

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Aug 08

4 Super-Simple Tips to Make Family Devotions a Reality in Your Home

By Anna Lowell

As a Christian, you know that teaching your kids about the God of the Bible is the most important thing that you can do as a parent. There’s no question about this.

Yet, if you are like me, you struggle with making consistent family Bible study or devotions a reality in your home.

As a Christian parent, you know the importance of teaching your kids the Bible. But, how can you make consistent family devotions a reality in your home? | Path Through the Narrow Gate

Between crazy busy schedules, resistant family members, active kids, and the never ending search for a good devotional that will appeal to all members of our families, we can feel defeated before we even begin.

But, you don’t have to feel this way!

You CAN succeed in family devotions. You CAN teach your children from God’s Word.

Here are four super-simple ways to make consistent family Bible study a reality in YOUR home:

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Aug 04

What to Do When Your Husband Refuses to Lead Your Family Spiritually

By Anna Lowell

What can you do if your husband refuses to lead your family spiritually?

Now, obviously this is going to be an issue if your husband is unsaved. And, many women are raising their children by themselves and do not have a husband to look to for spiritual leadership. In these cases, the wife must assume this role herself.

But, what about the wife who is married to a Christian man who is refusing to “step up”?

What can you do if your husband refuses to lead your family spiritually? Here are 6 Biblical responses for the Christian wife when this occurs.| Path Through the Narrow Gate

Here’s the scenario: You have been convicted about the importance of family devotions. So you approach your husband. Since he’s a Christian, you’re sure that he will feel just as strongly about family devotions as you do.

I mean, after all, you want to start teaching your kids God’s Word. How could he disagree?

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