Be The Mom

Overcome Attitude Traps and Enjoy Your Kids

Have you ever thought of yourself as “just a mom”, running around the house in sweat pants after snotty-nosed toddlers and surviving on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Have you ever flown into a rage because nobody picks up after themselves and keeps the house clean the way you would like it to be cleaned?

Be The Mom looks at 7 attitude traps that moms can easily fall into and offers encouragement for overcoming them so that we can enjoy our kids again.|Path Through the Narrow

Has you ever mirrored Eeyore’s downcast, martyr attitude as you work incessantly for your family?

Kisses from Katie

A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

Kisses from Katie is the amazing, heart-wrenching story of a young woman named Katie Davis who made herself available to be used by God.

Kisses from Katie is a beautiful story of hope, made possible by a God who loves the least of these and a woman who was available to be used by God.

During her teen years, Katie felt that God had called her to go overseas on a missions trip.  After a short missions trip to a Ugandan orphanage, she convinced her parents to let her go to Uganda for a year before starting college.  She left behind her family, a boyfriend that she loved, and her future in America.

Six Ways to Keep the Good In Your Boy

What risks do our boys face in this modern culture?

Only the risks of succumbing to peer pressure, believing the lies of terrible role models (entertainment, sports, and politicians combined), becoming addicted to easily accessible pornography, falling prey to aggressive girls at school, and becoming addicted to video games, to name a few…

In Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy, author Dannah Gresh identifies the dangers boys face, and offers hope and help in overcoming these dangers.

How can we, as Christian parents, combat these influences and keep the “good” in our boys?

Simplify Your Spiritual Life Book Review

Spiritual Disciplines for the Overwhelmed

In an age characterized by impossible work loads, buzzing cell phones, and constant media distractions, slowing down and simplifying our lives can feel impossible. Simplifying our lives to gain spiritual perspective can seem hopeless.

Simplify Your Spiritual Life 2

How can we even begin to simplify our lives in order to “remove distractions from our pursuit of Christ?”

Crushed Book Review

"Why Guys Don't Have to Make or Break You"

God created us girls to long for romance. He placed in our hearts a desire to be cherished and loved. And, it was good.

But, sin entered the world. Women’s desire for romance became self-centered, unrealistic, insatiable, and consuming. Men’s desire for intimacy became selfish. And the ability to have a “perfect”, completely fulfilling human relationship was destroyed.


Answering Your Kids’ Toughest Questions

A Book Review

What do you say when your kids ask about why those two men were kissing each other? When your kids want to know why God allows hurricanes and earthquakes to happen? When they ask why Grandma and Grandpa got divorced? How can you explain these difficult subjects in an age-appropriate way that preserves your child’s innocence and offers him hope while still honestly explaining the realities of life?

Answering Your Kids Toughest 2

Answering Your Kids’ Toughest Questions: Helping Them Understand Loss, Sin, Tragedies, and Other Hard Topics was written specifically to help parents answer their kids’ tough questions from a Biblical perspective.  Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson share invaluable insight and compassion as they discuss difficult questions that kids will struggle with and parents would rather avoid.