18 Fun-Filled Winter Activities for Home and School

Crafts, Science Experiments, Active Play - There Is Something For Every Child on This List!

Christmas is over and a long winter stretches before us – often filled with snow and always filled with lots of school work!

The days are long and dark and often it feels like there is nothing to look forward to for months on end. But, with this list of fun winter activities, you can beat the winter blues this year.

You don't have to dread the long winter months! Check out this list of fun winter activities including crafts, science, and active play ideas.

Spelling Practice Printable

Adorable Woodland Animals, Dry Erase Markers, and Scrabble Letters make spelling practice fun!

With twins in fourth grade and my son in second grade, I often feel like we are drowning in spelling word practice.

My kids hate writing spelling words over and over on lined paper (and I can’t really blame them!) Somehow, dry erase boards make spelling practice a lot more fun.

These spelling boards combine the fun of dry erase markers with Scrabble letters and a mini-challenge at the end to help make spelling practice enjoyable.

Spelling 4

14 Fun Easy Readers to Try When Your Curriculum Readers Aren’t Working

Is Your Child Struggling to Read? Try One of These Fun Books to Inspire Him.

My son struggled with reading through kindergarten and first grade. He quickly grasped the concept of reading, but simply wasn’t interested in reading for himself. I tried everything to get him interested in the curriculum readers I was using, but he hated reading and refused. He frequently told me he “couldn’t” read. This summer, I stopped trying to get him to read the curriculum readers, and we went to the library in search of easy-reader books that he would actually enjoy reading.

Early Readers 1

The result? My son is now picking up books and reading them for himself, with no prompting from me! Here are some of the easy readers that my son and I have been enjoying together: (Note – I tried to put these books in order from easiest to hardest.)

7 Homeschool Blogs and Posts You Won’t Want to Miss!

Encouragement, Tips, Tricks, and Ideas from 7 Amazing Homeschool Moms

Are you a homeschooler? Could you use some inspiration or encouragement right now as you start a new school year? If so, grab a cup of coffee or tea and come visit some AMAZING homeschooling moms with me!

These homeschool posts offered so much encouragement and help! I will definitely be coming back to this list again.

Whether you are a first time homeschooler or a seasoned veteran, whether you are excited about the coming year or dreading it, these homeschool blogs and posts will offer you support and encouragement, as well as practical tips and tricks to keep you going when you are feeling less than confident.

My Favorite Homeschool Supplies

Essential and Fun Homeschool Supplies

I am getting all geared up for the coming school year. How about you?

fav school things fea

Which brings me to the subject of school shopping and homeschool supplies. Isn’t there just something thrilling about the smell and look of a new box of crayons, pencils, or pack of paper? Oh, the possibilities…. It makes me feel like a kid again!

Here is a list of some of my favorite homeschool supplies:

Jive and Wail

Eight Ideas to Liven Up Your Homeschool Routine

Has all the joy of learning flown out your homeschool window? Are you and your children enduring day after day of drudgery? School can be difficult. Multiplication tables have to be memorized and spelling tests must be completed. But school shouldn’t be ALL drudgery! Try implementing a few of these ideas to liven up your homeschool routine.

Ditch That List and Block Your Time

7 Reasons a Time Block Homeschool Schedule Will Bring Sanity to Your Day

Do you find yourself consistently exhausted from your homeschool schedule, yet feeling guilty about all the things you didn’t get done?

Are you frequently turning into a homeschool drill sergeant while your kids remain unfocused and unmotivated?

Are you constantly stressed, grumpy, and overwhelmed? Take heart! You may have a scheduling problem.

This article has lots of helpful advice on creating a homeschool schedule that actually works! I am definitely trying some of these ideas!