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Jun 27

3 Secrets About Hospitality – That Your Mother Didn’t Tell You!

By Anna Lowell

I come from a family that prioritized hospitality. My Grandmas, my aunts, my mom – they invited people into their immaculately clean homes every Sunday afternoon to share a pot roast dinner and homemade pie for dessert.

Talk about a lot of pressure to live up to.

Looking at my mom’s hospitality, I can easily see that I don’t measure up. But, does that mean that I am failing in hospitality?

Nope! Because there are some secrets to hospitality that my momma didn’t tell me.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of hospitality? Here are three secrets that make hospitality much easier, that your mother may not have told you!|Path Through the Narrow Gate

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Jun 01

Is There More to Life than Having Fun?

By Anna Lowell

Would your children be shocked to hear that there is more to life than having fun?

Many of us desperately want to make sure that our children enjoy “fun” childhoods. While this desire is not inherently bad, we can easily make the pursuit of “fun” far more important than it really should be.

Are you inadvertently teaching your kids that life is all about fun?|Path Through the Narrow Gate

Could it be that you and I are teaching our children that “fun” is the ultimate measure of something’s worth?

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May 17

3 Ways That Christian Parents Must Respond to the Transgender Bathroom Debate

By Anna Lowell

I have to admit, I took the transgender bathroom letter from President Obama pretty hard last week.

I am worried about a culture and a government that are willing to put the safety of children aside in order to accommodate a handful of people.

I am deeply concerned about a government who thinks it has the right to dictate policy to local school districts.

How can Christians respond to the transgender bathroom debate? There are three important things that we must realize and do - and they begin at home.

I am grieved by the plight of transgender people who are caught in the middle of this debate, at risk themselves in so many ways, and desperately needing God’s truth and love in their lives.

And, of course, as a mother I want to hold my children close and keep them safe and innocent. I don’t want them to be put at risk in any way.

How can we, as Christian parents, respond to the transgender bathroom issue? Here are 3 ways that Christian parents must respond:

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Apr 25

How to Share the Gospel With Kids in Six Simple Steps

By Anna Lowell

Would you like a simple way to talk to your children about what it means to be saved?

How about a simple way for your kids to tell their friends what it means to be saved?

Would you like a special gift to send home with kids who visit your Sunday School or Awana program?

These free printable verse cards are a perfect way to share the Gospel with your kids, or to hand out to kids visiting your Sunday School or Awana.|How to Share the Gospel with Kids in 6 Simple Steps|Path Through the Narrow

These fun Salvation Verse Cards are perfect for all of these needs!

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Apr 18

Mommy, what if God’s not real?

By Anna Lowell

“I want to go to heaven, but I don’t know if I really believe in God. What if the Bible is not true? What if God’s not real?”

My sweet little seven year old daughter was looking up at me with her big blue eyes, waiting for my answers.

Have your children ever questioned God? It can be a terrifying experience for parents. This post offers real help.|Mommy, what if God's not real?|Path Through the Narrow

But, I didn’t have any answers. My heart was crushed by worry, fear, and disappointment.

I was NOT READY for my daughter to start asking these questions.

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Mar 03

8 Signs That Your Church Ministries Are Leading You AWAY from God.

By Anna Lowell

Are your CHURCH MINISTRIES leading you AWAY from God?

Let me preface this by saying that I love the church. I grew up in the church. I love talking to other Christians, listening to preaching, singing…. I love to volunteer in my church. I love to rub shoulders with other women as we get things done – children’s ministries, after-church luncheons, Christmas breakfast. I feel at home when I am at church.

Many church ministries are excellent, God-honoring activities. But, could it be that these same church ministries are leading us AWAY from God?|

But lately, I have started wondering if we women are taking our church ministries too far.

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