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Nov 30

7 Family Games You Will Love to Play

By Anna Lowell

Christmas break. Or snow days. Or rainy days. Hours of time for the kids to do . . . what? Play family games, of course!

7 games for the whole family to enjoy together, plus some peace-keeping strategies - These would make great Christmas gifts!

In addition to reading all our new books (or bringing half the library home), my siblings and I spent hours – which sometimes stretched into days – playing family games. Not video games, games like UNO and Monopoly and The Farming Game. I’m not kidding! It was a Christmas gift one year, and we loved it.

Board games and card games are wonderful ways to pass the time, keep the brain active and strengthen family relationships.

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Nov 09

Are Your Kids Thankful?

By Anna Lowell

It was a typical Sunday morning and I was picking my son up from Sunday school. He walked past his teacher and out into the hall clutching his coloring pages, Bible, and a small piece of candy. I asked him, “Did you say ‘thank you’ to your teacher?” He glanced back over his shoulder and mumbled, “Thanks”, under his breath, apparently to the Sunday School room in general.

That muttered “thanks” is not going to cut it. Obviously, I need to be focusing, once again, on teaching my children to be grateful.

Are Your Kids Thankful 1

Ingratitude, one of the ugliest of human traits, comes perfectly naturally to us and to our children. In contrast, being thankful is an attitude that must be carefully cultivated.

As Christian parents, we have a responsibility to cultivate gratitude in the hearts of our children by teaching them how to express gratitude through their words and actions.

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Oct 26

I’m Not a Fun Mom – And I’m OK with That!

By Anna Lowell

I have a confession to make.

I am not a “fun” mom.

From parenting magazines to pinterest to TV advertisements, it seems like the world is ready to gauge my parenting based on how “fun” I am and how “magical” I am making my children’s childhood. But, I feel like a failure in this area.

Fun mom 1

And, of course, any perceived “mom failure” = “mom guilt”. “After all,” my mind tells me, “I SHOULD be a ‘fun’ mom! I SHOULD be hiding plastic dinosaurs around the house at night, pretending that they are getting into mischief, for my children to find the next morning. I SHOULD be spending the afternoon with them outside playing giant tic-tac-toe with pool noodles. I SHOULD be…. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get my act together and make this happen?”

Then I look at the laundry hamper full of clothes that still need to be folded. Sigh.

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Sep 09

Honor Taught

By Anna Lowell

A few weeks ago, my family went to the beach. As I was walking along, I noticed a teen girl. She was holding out her phone on a “selfie” stick, snapping pictures of herself sunbathing in her string bikini with the blue waters of Lake Michigan in the background. A beautiful, summer selfie. The kind of picture that is so rampant on facebook.

selfie fea

I can just imagine the 321 “likes” and the comments:

“You look so beautiful!”

“Nice pic, Gorgeous!”

“Wow, Babe, you look so hot!”

“Great picture! You look so honorable.”

Oh, no, wait. She probably won’t get the “honorable” comment. Lots of attention – Yes. Honor? – No.

Because there is nothing remotely honorable about taking a picture of yourself barely clothed and then promoting it around social media for all of your acquaintances to “like” and praise.

But then, “honor” isn’t really something that we are seeking in our culture, is it?

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Sep 07

Honor Lost

By Anna Lowell

Do you know what honor is?

Do you value honor?

Honor lost 1

The virtue of honor is not only not celebrated in our culture, it has become a lost concept. Many of us seldom think about honor. Most of us have not discussed the value of honor with our children. We really don’t understand what honor has to do with our everyday lives.

Is honor really that important?

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Aug 19

Is My Child Saved?

By Anna Lowell

Have you ever wondered, “Is my child saved?” All Christian parents want to know that their children are saved and on their way to heaven. But, in trying to determine our children’s spiritual states, we need to look at more than our children’s outward actions. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider whether or not your child is saved:

Is My Child Saved fea

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Aug 17

Is My Child Saved?

By Anna Lowell

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Is my child saved? Is he or she really a Christian?”

Is My Child Saved fea2

Whether you are a young parent like me or one who has grown children, we wrestle with the same challenge: How can we know if our children are saved?

Because we so desperately want to know that our children our saved, we can be tempted to rely on outward signs as a gauge of our children’s salvation. But, this can be a mistake!

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Jun 02

Are You Allowing the Demon of Comparison to Destroy Your Family?

By Anna Lowell

We are surrounded by images of completely fabricated “perfect” families- Images of gorgeous, bright-eyed young moms holding perfect newborns, images of perfect family vacations, images of.. well, perfect families.

The more that we believe that a perfect family exists, the more that we can become dissatisfied with our own imperfect families and imperfect situations.

Allow me to illustrate. You know what a family breakfast should look like, right?

Comparison Destroying 1

So, why does my family breakfast look more like this?

Comparison Destroying 2

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