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Oct 01

Fall Gift Tags

By Anna Lowell

I love fall! I love the cooler nights, pumpkins, colorful leaves, the bright blue sky, and hot tea! These printable fall gift tags are a fun way to celebrate fall and brighten someone’s day!

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Oct 10

3 Halloween Conversations to Point Kids Towards the Gospel

By Anna Lowell

Halloween. Love it or hate it, we can’t escape it.

How will you talk to your kids about Halloween this year? Regardless of how you celebrate or choose to not celebrate Halloween, your kids will be exposed to the themes of Halloween every time you go to the store to grab a gallon of milk.

For a Christian parent, however, this isn’t something to be scared of or avoid. Halloween can actually gives us some excellent opportunities to speak with our children about spiritual truths.

These excellent Halloween conversation ideas will help you talk to your kids about how Halloween relates to the Gospel - this is so helpful!

Here are three Halloween conversations that you can have this year that will actually point your kids towards the Gospel.

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Oct 03

The Shocking Truth that Many Christians Are Ignoring About Halloween

By Anna Lowell

Its fall. And Halloween is right around the corner.

Love it or hate it, you won’t be able to ignore Halloween this year. It’s everywhere.

It’s waiting for you at the grocery store. It’s evident on billboards. And, it might even be found in the decorations in your neighbor’s yard.

How should Christians respond to Halloween? What should Christians do with a holiday that celebrates death, evil, and darkness?

How can Christians respond to Halloween in a way that glorifies God? The Apostle Paul gives us an example - and it just might surprise you!

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Oct 12

How Should Christians Respond To Trick or Treaters?

By Anna Lowell

When I was growing up, my family did not participate in trick or treating.

One Halloween, when I was six years old, there was a knock on our front door. I opened it and was surprised to see a little girl, about my own age, dressed up in a costume. The little girl held out a bucket full of candy to me. I reached in, took a couple of pieces, thanked her politely, and closed the door. My mother came into the room just in time to return the candy to the sobbing little girl and explain to her irate mother that we don’t do “trick or treating” and that I didn’t mean to steal her candy.

The girl’s mother was not amused.

Some people have no sense of humor.


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Oct 07

Halloween Bible Study

By Anna Lowell

Fall is in the air!

(Which means that Halloween is right around the corner.)

Try as you might, you probably won’t be able to escape from Halloween this year. Facebook, magazines, car commercials, kids’ school crafts, the neighbor’s yard decorations — whether we love it or hate it, we are surrounded by Halloween.

A Sweet Opportunity cover

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