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Jan 06

Printable Coupon Cards

By Anna Lowell

It’s hard for me to watch how quickly my kids are growing up.

I long to enjoy this brief time I have with them and to deeply connect with them.

But, so often life gets in the way. Busyness. Grocery shopping and laundry, homeschooling and work, music lessons and dinner prep.

But, even in the busy times, I want to show my kids how how much I love them.

Maybe you feel the same way? If so, here’s a simple way to intentionally spend more time with your kids.

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Jan 24

From God’s Heart to Your Child’s Mailbox

By Anna Lowell

When was the last time that you intentionally let your kids know how much you love them?

Sometimes life is just so busy and happens so quickly that we forget to do this! What better way to express our love than through a tangible hand-written note?

My kids love getting hand-written notes, and I bet yours do too! Mailbox love notes are designed to help you write meaningful, Bible inspired notes, and they are easy to use.

mailbox mod 1

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