Whether you are a Sunday School teacher, a Christian school teacher, running an After-School Bible Club, or just got corralled into organizing Vacation Bible School at your church, you know that Children's Ministry is hard work.

You don't get vacations or holidays. You often have to find your own resources. You don't get much support. And, you definitely don't get paid enough to do this. In fact, you probably don't get paid at all

But, you wouldn't trade this for the world. You love your kids and you can't think of anything more important than sharing the Gospel with them!

That's why you are always on the look-out for free or inexpensive printables, activities, and ideas to help you teach the Bible to your kids.

And, that's exactly what you will find at Path Through the Narrow Gate.

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If you work in Children's Ministry, you don't get holidays. Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day - you'll still be in the classroom on Sunday morning, teaching your kids.

I can't substitute for you this Easter Sunday, but I can make your life a whole lot easier - with these fun and unique Bible-based printables that I have used in my own Sunday School class and want to share with you - for FREE!

Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas - with this 40 page printable pack, you can quickly pull together a holiday activity for your class.

And, one of the thing that makes the printables from Path Through the Narrow Gate unique is that they are offered in three different Bible versions - King James, English Standard, and New International.​

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