Christmas Scrapbook Inspiration from a Lazy Scrapbooker

By Anna Lowell

Dec 11

A Christmas Scrapbook Album

Christmas is a time of tradition, when families come together and memories are made. Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget these memories in the hectic rush of the season.

(Don’t believe me? Have you ever asked yourself, “Where did we spend Christmas two years ago? When did we do [some particular activity]? ¬†When did Grandma get the kids that train set?” Mmm-hmm. I thought so.)

Creating a Christmas Scrapbook Album is a perfect way to solve this problem. You can make this simple and fun project that will become a cherished keepsake for your family. And, if you’re super busy, feeling non-creative, or just lazy like I am, you can still make a very simple holiday scrapbook with very little effort.


Inspiration and Tips for Making a Christmas Scrapbook, Brought to You From a Lazy Scrapbooker.


1 scrapbook album

Plastic scrapbook page protectors (Most scrapbook albums are sold with the pages already in them, but you can always buy additional pages as you need them. Just make sure that the page refills are the same brand as the original scrapbook, or they may not fit!)

Scrapbook paper (There are gorgeous stacks of Christmas paper and they can often be purchased on sale or with a coupon. These paper stacks are the secret to my scrapbooking. They all coordinate and can easily be cut to make mats and frames for the pictures as well as a source for cutting out little embellishments.)


Photo safe glue


Stamps, stickers, and embellishments – optional

Inspiration and Tips for Making a Christmas Scrapbook, Brought to You From a Lazy Scrapbooker.

Tips for Making a Christmas Scrapbook Album

If the idea of making a scrapbook overwhelms you (as it did me in the beginning!), commit to making just one “layout” every year. By a “layout”, I mean two 12″ by 12″ pages laid side by side – or what you will see when you open the book. Within a few years, you will enjoy watching the years pass with the flip of each page, remembering Christmases past, the fun that you had, and the memories that you made with your loved ones.

Keep that Camera Handy!

Take pictures of traditions that your family enjoys, as well as meaningful moments or typical holiday scenes. The pictures don’t have to limited to Christmas day. Try taking a picture of the first snowfall, your husband decorating the tree, the kids sipping hot chocolate, etc.

Try to capture your loved ones’ expressions and reactions to the Christmas season. Impromptu photos are often better for this than carefully posed ones.

Take lots of pictures from different angles. Try getting down on the floor or taking pictures at eye level with your subjects, especially if you have young children. Getting down on level with a young child brings the person viewing the picture down to the child’s perspective, adding magic to the photo.

Experiment with taking pictures with the flash turned off. If you are not a camera expert who is knowledgeable about using different flashes(and I certainly am not!), try using natural light as much as possible and turning off the flash. I find that the quality of the colors captured by my little point and shoot digital camera is greatly enhanced by turning off the flash and using natural light.

Inspiration and Tips for Making a Christmas Scrapbook, Brought to You From a Lazy Scrapbooker.

Edit and Print Those Precious Photos

If you are a super busy scrapbooker or just a lazy one like I am, limit yourself to five or six of your very favorite pictures from the Christmas season that you are scrapping (i.e., five of your favorite pictures from Christmas 2014).

Experiment with editing and adding special touches to your pictures. I like to make all of my pictures in my Christmas scrapbook black and white, just to make it different from my other scrapbooks. Have fun experimenting with your photos and see what you can come up with. is my new favorite photo editing website. I have also used Snapfish and Picasa quite a bit in the past.

After choosing which pictures you will print for your scrapbook, decide which pictures you want to highlight and print them in a larger size.

Cut, Glue, Stick, Stamp, and Clean Up the Mess. You’re almost done for the year!

Now you get to move onto the fun part – assembling your pages. You can use stamps or letter stickers to easily add numbers and words to your pages. I like to also hand write stories and messages into my album. Someday my kids may enjoy seeing my handwriting, as imperfect as it may be.

Clearly label each layout with the year.

Don’t get too wrapped up in the embellishments. When people look at this scrapbook ten years from now, they will want to see the people and the memories.

Inspiration and Tips for Making a Christmas Scrapbook, Brought to You From a Lazy Scrapbooker.

That’s all there is to it! I hope that you are inspired to make your own Christmas Scrapbook, if you aren’t already working on one. You won’t regret it, I promise! If you are working on a Christmas scrapbook, I would love to hear your tips and tricks. Please comment below!