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Classic Paper Bag Owls

By Anna Lowell

Oct 17


Paper bag owls are classic fall crafts made of common and inexpensive supplies and simple enough for kindergarteners with basic cutting skills.  In spite of inexpensive supplies and simplicity to make, these paper bag owls turn out really cute.

This idea is adapted from Sweet and Simple Living blog, where Jennifer makes these as Valentine’s Candy bags.  Check them out here!

Owl Craft 1


Brown paper lunch bags.  Mine were marked GS or Giant Size, 6 1/8 in x 4 in x 12 3/8 in.  Any size paper bag will work, just make your eyes and body cut outs larger or smaller as needed to fit the size of your bag.
Paper – white, black, brown, orange or yellow (for beak and feet) and varied for the body
Scrap paper to stuff the body with (old homework sheets? junk mail?)
Compass or Circular objects to trace.  I used a coaster (4 in diameter), small plastic cup (2.5 in diameter) and a vinegar lid (1 in diameter)


1.  Cut the corners off the top of the bag as shown.

2.  Cut out your circles.  The large (4 in) circles should be cut out of the dark brown paper. The medium circles (2.5 in) should be cut out of the white paper.  The small circles (1 in) should be cut out of the black paper.

Owl Craft 3

3.  Fold your varied paper in half and cut out a fat heart.

Owl Craft 4


NOTE:  The heart will be upside down with the point pointing up.  Take this into consideration if you are cutting paper that has a right side up design on it.  Otherwise, your design will be upside down, like mine was on the first try:

After cutting out the heart, put it on the dark brown paper and cut out a larger heart to border the smaller heart.

You may also choose to add dark brown wings (or any other color!), and orange beak and feet.  My kids insisted these owls were not complete without wings and feet.  Of course, I have no idea what an owl’s feet look like.  But, if in doubt, it is always safe to assume that all bird’s feet look like duck feet. Fold your paper in half when cut out the feet so you get two matching feet.

Owl Craft 6

4.  Fold the bag bottom down so that when you are gluing on the body, you can still open the bag and have a flat bottom.  Also fold the top of the bag down to make the triangle over the face, but do not glue anything yet!

Owl Craft 7

5.  Play with your eyes a bit to experiment with different expressions.  My kids really enjoyed doing this before gluing the eyes on.

Owl Craft 8

6.  Glue on the eyes, dark heart, varied heart, beak, and wings.  Do not glue on the feet or glue the body shut.

7.  Open up the bag and stuff some scrunched up scrap paper into the body to help the owl sit up and to give him some “depth”.

Owl Craft 9

8.  Now you may glue the top of the bag shut (you may need to hold it a minute or two).  Finish by gluing or taping the feet on the bottom of the bag.

Owl Craft 10

Are you looking for a wonderful Book/Craft pairing? Make these owls while reading Ramona the Brave.  Ramona’s first grade class makes these owls to display for Parent’s Night.  Ramona is blessed with a huge imagination and is able to make the most creative owl in the class – until she notices that Susan has copied every one of her owl ideas.  To make matters worse, Mrs. Griggs complements Susan on her copied owl and Ramona gets no credit for her original ideas at all! Life is not fair!  Will Ramona be able to survive her first grade woes? Read Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary to find out!

Are you looking for a great fall craft/book pairing? Try making these easy and adorable paper bag owls while reading Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary.

Are you looking for the perfect fall craft and book pairing? Try making these simple yet adorable paper bag owls while reading Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary.

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