Wednesday Morning Election Blues

4 Thoughts to Keep You Going When the Election Results are Disappointing

What will be in your heart when you wake up on Wednesday morning?

Lord willing, on Wednesday morning the election cycle will be behind us. We will have a new President.

Many Americans will wake up, rejoicing that their preferred candidate has won. But, many others will wake up to disappointment on Wednesday morning.

Are you discouraged about the elections? Here's some hope!

After such a caustic election cycle, many voters are extremely frustrated with one or both of the candidates.

So, how will you wake up on Wednesday morning?  How can you and I, as Christians, respond to the election results, whether our preferred candidate wins or not?

1. Remember that God is sovereign.


No matter what happens on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, God is still firmly in control.

God is in control of all things. He is not surprised by election results. His arm is not shortened.

If your candidate wins – Praise God! God has placed that person in a position of authority for a reason.

If your candidate loses – Praise God! He has a purpose and a plan for using the person who did win as the leader of our great country.

So, sleep well on Tuesday night. God is still on His throne, orchestrating all things for eternal good.

And, when you wake up on Wednesday morning, wake up with the assurance that God has got the political situation well under control.


2. Remember that we have a true King, just, upright and holy.

Is your soul aggravated by the lack of moral integrity of our current leaders? Is your spirit weighed down by the lack of justice in our judicial system? By a government that would allow the death of millions of innocent babies in the womb? By the thought of coming persecution for people of faith?

Don’t forget, we have another King! We serve a true King, a King Who is perfectly just, upright, and holy. We serve a King in Whom there is no hint of corruption.


So, on Wednesday morning, remember that God is our true King. We serve a King that is always and perfectly good. Rest in that knowledge!

This perfect King has placed us in this country at this exact time in history and under the newly-elected President for a reason. There is no accident here. God has a plan for your life and my life.

We can rest in His sovereign plan.

3. Remember that we are called to pray for our new President and to honor him or her.


Regardless of whether our preferred candidate wins, God calls us to pray for our new President and to honor him or her.

So, on Wednesday morning when you wake up, take a moment to pray for our new President. Pray that God our new President would seek God. Pray that he or she would have wisdom from God and integrity to rule well. God can work in a President’s heart just as surely as He can work in your heart or my heart.

4. Remember that, with God on our side, we can never be shaken.


Our true citizenship is in heaven. Jesus Christ is our King. We have eternal hope, hope that goes far beyond this world, far beyond this time, far beyond our current circumstances.

Because of this hope, we can stand firm. We will not be  shaken.

How about you? Do you have any thoughts on how Christians should respond to the election results? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please scroll down to comment.

*Many of these thoughts were taken from a sermon by Pr. Nate Birkholz, used by permission.

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Election Blues

  1. It seems that this election is the most critically of all the election. I believe this election is made to divide America even more. The more we elect leaders that don’t upheld Godly beliefs and morals the more our country will end up like Israel in the time of Judges. Judges 17:6 “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” For Christians though, we know time like these would eventually come because the enemy seeks to destroy, but God is all Sovereign and we know who wins at the end. This is probably a time where God allows Christians to go through persecution, trails, and tribulations to weed out his elect for the gospel sake. 2 Timothy 3:12 “Yea, and all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” John 15:18 ” If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me (Jesus Christ) before it hated you.” 1 Peter 4:12-14 “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trail which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you” There are many and many scripture verses just as these that speak of Christians being put to trails and tribulations because of the gospel and the living a godly life according to God’s Word. We need to stand strong in God’s Word, pray diligent for the strength to get through the up coming years, and live in obedience to Jesus, so we can have the peace that Jesus describes in his Word. I will link this important message from a Pastor in Denton, Texas. It is called the Continental Divide
    God Bless and May God be with us all in these difficult times

  2. Dear Anna Joy…. I am not American, but Australian living in Bulgaria…. I was praying this morning for your country and your people….. all nations are far from the LORD and as you say HE has a plan for each of us and for our nations.
    I will continue to pray for HIS will to be done and HIS kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven!!!

    May HE continue to bless you and your family as you serve HIM in all you do….

    love and huge Gail