22 Favorite Family Christmas Books

By Anna Lowell

Nov 27

In my family, we love Christmas and we love books. Here’s a glimpse of our favorite family Christmas books.

In my family, we love Christmas and we love books. Here's a glimpse of our favorite family Christmas books.

Family Christmas Books for Preschool through Elementary Ages

1. Olivia Helps With Christmas

When Olivia decides to help with all of the Christmas preparations, she discovers that Christmas can be exhausting! This hilarious book is sure to please both adults and children with its subtle humor and fun illustrations.

2. The Christmas Quiet Book

The holidays are a joyous time, but also a quiet time. This book explores Christmas’s reflective and humerus quiet moments in ways that even young children can understand with adorable illustrations that are sure to delight.

3. Humphrey’s First Christmas

Humphrey, a camel belonging to a wiseman, is frustrated by life. He doesn’t want to carry burdens anymore and he is upset that his blanket has been lost. Will his encounter with baby Jesus change his selfish heart?

4. If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

If you take a Mouse to the Movies, you may be signing up for more than you bargained for! This spunky mouse has all kinds of ideas of how Christmas should be celebrated, but he will need your help to make them all happen.

5. Turkey Claus

Turkey just barely escaped being eaten on Thanksgiving, but now Christmas is coming and he is back on the menu. Only Santa Claus will be able to save Turkey this time, but getting into the North Pole to see Santa Claus is surprisingly difficult.

6. The Pine Tree Parable

The Farmer and his wife sell Christmas trees, but there is one beautiful, special Christmas tree that they are not willing to sell. With Bible verses on each page, this is a beautiful story of sacrifice and the true meaning of Christmas.

7. The Night Before Christmas

A classic that has stood the test of time, this delightful and nostalgic book is perfect to read every Christmas Eve, or anytime during the Christmas season.
8. Bears Stays Up For Christmas

Year after year, Bear misses Christmas because, of course, he hibernates! But, this year, Bear’s friends are determined to keep Bear awake so that he can experience the joys of Christmas.
9. My Penguin Osbert

When Joe writes to Santa and asks for a real, live penguin, Santa delivers. Unfortunately, Joe quickly discovers that he underestimated the difficult of caring for a penguin. Will Joe be willing to give up his own desires and do what is best for Osbert?

10. Christmas in the Big Woods

Experience Christmas with Laura Ingalls and her family in this beautifully illustrated book about a time gone by.


11. Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

Mortimer lives in a cold, creepy hole in the wall. When he discovers a little manger scene, he decides he has found a new home. All he has to do is shove the baby out of the manger. But, when Mortimer hears the story of Christmas, he must decide if he is willing to make room for Baby Jesus, even if it costs him his new home.

Family Christmas Books for Second through Fifth Grade (Picture Books)

12. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch hates everything about Christmas, so he decides to steal Christmas. The Grinch soon discovers, though, that Christmas is more than lights and presents – it is a spirit of joy that cannot be stolen.


13. The Carpenter’s Gift

Set during the time of the Great Depression, this gorgeous book tells the story of people noticing and helping each other, regardless of their circumstances. A carpenter reflects on the time when people generously helped to build his family a house, then pays it forward by helping other people to do the same when he is grown.

14. The Christmas Day Kitten

This super sweet true-to-life story is about a woman who receives a very special gift – a kitten – from a stray cat that she has shown kindness to. It is currently out of print, so I have linked to the Treasury which contains the story and is a better value, perfect for every animal lover.

15. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

We can never understand other people until we know their past and their pain. Jonathan Toomey is the best wood carver around, but he is grumpy and sullen. When he is asked to carve a nativity set, though, he learns to reach beyond his own painful past to help other people in their loss.

16. The Gift of the Magi

This poignant story reminds us that the greatest gift of all is not a purchased present, but the gift of love and sacrifice. Della and Jim have no money to buy each other Christmas presents, but each is willing to sacrifice the thing the treasure most to express their love for each other in this bittersweet story.

17. The Legend of the Candy Cane

When a candy maker comes to town, the children are thrilled. But, they soon discover that, in addition to candy, he also offers a beautiful message of hope and love through Jesus Christ, all told with the help of the red and white striped Candy Cane.


Family Christmas Books for Second Through Fifth Grade (Chapter Books)

18. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

What would you do if the worst kids in town decided to come to church and take part in your Christmas pageant? This beautiful story is full of humor and life, but it also calls us to stop and think. Are we truly willing to reach out to the people around us and invite them to know Jesus, regardless of the “mess” they might make in the process? This is a great book to read aloud together as a family.

19. The Quiet Little Woman

Orphan Patty’s simple acts of kindness and gestures of love are ignored by her adoptive family – until an older lady directs the family’s attention to Patty’s loving heart. This sweet story is a celebration of kindness, love, and virtue in a Christmas setting, and reminds us to notice and appreciate the people around us.


Family Christmas Books for Sixth Graders and Older

20. Pictures of Hollis Woods

Twelve year old Hollis Woods is lost in the modern foster care system. She desperately longs for a home and a family, but is scared to open her heart after so many rejections. When Hollis is placed in the care of an elderly art teacher one winter, she discovers a secret that will cause her to assume the role of care giver and to discover her own strength.

21. A Christmas Carol

This classic story of Scrooge and the Christmas spirits is a must read for its quiet humor and poignant reminder about the importance of opening our hearts to our fellow human beings.


22. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas

Escape from holiday stresses with a good mystery!  This book offers edge of your seat intrigue as you try to solve the mystery before the famous private detective, Hercule Poirot. There is some bad language and mild sexual references in this book. (READ MORE)

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite family Christmas books? I would love to hear about them. Please scroll down to comment.

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