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7 Family Games You Will Love to Play

By Anna Lowell

Nov 30

Christmas break. Or snow days. Or rainy days. Hours of time for the kids to do . . . what? Play family games, of course!

7 games for the whole family to enjoy together, plus some peace-keeping strategies - These would make great Christmas gifts!

In addition to reading all our new books (or bringing half the library home), my siblings and I spent hours – which sometimes stretched into days – playing family games. Not video games, games like UNO and Monopoly and The Farming Game. I’m not kidding! It was a Christmas gift one year, and we loved it.

Board games and card games are wonderful ways to pass the time, keep the brain active and strengthen family relationships.

Wait, did I say, “strengthen family relationships”? What about all the fights that break out over whose turn got skipped or who cheated or who plays the Draw Four card on me every single time? I know first hand that a bunch of siblings playing games together may or may not go well at any given time. The family games I played with my brothers and sister probably weren’t always peaceful, but what I remember is the fun we had playing together.

Looking for a Christmas present or a new family game night idea? This list of favorites can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Reduce the Squabbles

Perhaps one of these strategies can help keep the sibling squabbles over games at your house to a minimum.

1. Join them – sure, disagreements will still come up, but Mom or Dad’s participation can help mediate problems quickly and prevent them from escalating beyond repair

2. Mix them up – if you have more than 2 kids, try alternating who plays together. Everyone playing together works well for a while; then you need to reset the dynamic by varying the competitors

3. Limit their time – give everyone a break from each other or a break from the house. Stop to make cookies or popcorn. Get outside for a walk or go sledding. Individual reading time isn’t a bad idea either.

4. Introduce a new challenge – maybe the old stand-bys need to get put in the closet for awhile. Desire to play with each other often returns when there’s a new game on the table.

7 Family Games

Maybe you’ll get an idea for a new game from some of our family’s favorites. We adults enjoy them just as much as the kids do. Sometimes we even pull them out on date night! Most are ideal for few or many players, work well with all ages and don’t get repetitive.

Spot It

Spot It is a fast-paced game of visual perception for the whole family. Works well for 2-8 players of all ages. My son was good at this even when he was 2 years old. Instructions include five different ways to play using the same cards. There are also other versions with different graphics, but the original is still our favorite. Shapes and Numbers is deceptively difficult!


This simple strategy game involves creating lines, called qwirkles, of tiles based on shape or color. No game board is involved, so the playing field develops differently each time (similar to dominoes). The wooden tiles, which come with a cloth storage bag, are durable – ours have survived a soaking from a broken pipe! Easily adapts for more than 4 players.


Skippity is a colorful, interactive twist on checkers. The entire board gets covered, in random order, with 5 colors of skippers. Players take turns capturing the skippers with the goal of collecting the tallest stack of each color. This game is for 2 to 4 players, but lends itself well to team-play for pairing younger kids with an older sibling or parent.

I Spy Eagle Eye

The first thing to do with this game is hide the dinger bell! Once that’s out of the way, you can get on to the business of figuring out which little object on your card is hidden on your game-board. This is fun to play together, but it also makes a great quiet time activity for the younger kids.


This one’s only good for two people unless you want to play in pairs. Gobblet takes tic-tac-toe to a new level. Players try to get four pieces in a row. The trick lies in the varied size of the pieces; the larger pieces can displace the smaller ones by “gobbling” them up. Definitely challenges problem-solving and memory skills. We actually still have Gobblet, Jr., and my kids can still beat me!


SET is a card game of visual perception that can be played alone or by everyone in the house! Players compete to be the first one to identify a set of three cards that share either identical or differing properties. Half the cards can be removed to make it easier for younger players to master.


Alright, this isn’t technically a game. But if you’re looking for hours of fun, these tiles are amazing. They are the most-played with toy in our house by every age, boy and girl, in groups and individually! They’ve been used inside and outside, dropped down the stairs, rained on and still held up. My kids also create their own “board-games” by combining these with a handful of marbles or a set of checkers. A box of Magna-Tiles is truly full of endless possibilities.

What games does your family enjoy playing together? Please scroll down to comment.

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Abi is an ordinary wife and mom serving an extraordinary God. She spends her days loving her husband and keeping up with their 5 colorful, noisy kids. At the end of the day she looks forward to a quiet walk or a warm cup of tea and a good book. Abi blogs at Joy In My Kitchen to inspire you to glorify God and enjoy life with your family. You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest.

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