Fifteen Fabulous Animal Books for Seven to Ten-Year-Olds

By Anna Lowell

Jan 15

Are you tired of wandering around the library trying to find a good book for your child to read? Don’t despair! Here are fifteen fabulous hand-selected animal books for seven to ten year olds.

Tired of wandering around the library, trying to find a great book for your seven to ten year old? Try some of these fabulous animal books and stories!

Most kids love well-written books about animals. There are a wide variety of animal stories. You may have a daughter who loves fanciful, funny animal stories and a son who just wants realistic facts. This list has books for both of these readers. So, dive in and find a great book for your child today!

1. 1000 Animal Stickers by Priddy Books

This books is so much fun! I would love to have a copy of it as an adult. The title is a bit misleading, making the book look like it is all stickers. There are lots of stickers, but also coloring pages, sticker puzzles, natural habitat scenes, and animal facts. All of the stickers and many of the pictures are actual photographs, making this book an elementary child’s book rather than a toddler’s book.

2. The Tales of Olga da Polga

Told from the perspective of a guinea pig with a big imagination and an even bigger personality, The Tales of Olga da Polga is a perfect animal story for elementary children. The Olga da Polga books are humerus, heart-warming and happy stories. My family has enjoyed the Olga da Polga stories even more than Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear series.

3. The Trumpet of the Swan

The Trumpet of the Swan is the fanciful and charming story of how a mute swan named Louis overcomes his disability with the help of his loving and supportive swan family and the friendship of a nature-loving eleven year old boy named Sam. This story is full of humor, adventure, imagination, and the grit to overcome a physical handicap.

4. The Cricket in Times Square

When a little cricket accidentally gets caught in a picnic basket and transported from his country home into the middle of New York City, you know that adventures are bound to happen! Crickets are lucky, as everyone knows, and this little cricket was lucky in the friendships that he made in this foreign environment, friends who will do whatever it takes to get the little cricket home again.


5. Mr. Popper’s Penguins

My daughter’s love for penguins started with this humorous book about a house painter who wants nothing more than to travel to the North or South Pole. When Mr. Popper contacts a famous explorer, he is sent a penguin. Can you imagine having a penguin living in your home? Mr. Popper’s penguin problem quickly multiplies until Mr. Popper is faced with the dilemma of caring for twelve of these arctic-loving animals.

6. Tornado

Tornado is the story of an exceptional dog who was dropped down into a boy’s yard by a tornado, dog house and all. Tornado recounts the fun and the adventures the boy and his dog have together. This book reads as if it were a true story and has gorgeous, realistic illustrations. It is a short book and would make a great reader for a second to fourth grader.

7. Dolphin Adventure

Dolphin Adventure is the true story of how a family of wild dolphins sought out a diver to save the life of their baby dolphin who had been injured by a fishing hook. This is a short book but a fascinating tale with beautiful illustrations. It is just as enjoyable for adults to read as for kids to read.

8. Babe the Gallant Pig

Please don’t judge this book by the movie! Babe the Gallant Pig is a delightful story about a thoughtful, polite, and brave pigglet who doesn’t realize that he’s not a sheep dog. This story will have you and your kids laughing out loud as you read it together. My kids enjoyed acting out this story (“I’ll be the pig and you be the sheep and he can be the robber”) for a long time after we read it.

9. Charlotte’s Web

You are probably already familiar with this story of friendship between unlikely people and animals. Charlotte’s Web is a classic for good reason. It is such a fun book to share with kids.


10. Peterson Field Guides

Don’t forget about field guides when you are looking for great animal books for 7 to 10 year olds! My kids have loved studying about different animals from field guides. There are many different field guides available on everything from mammals, reptiles, and insects to birds. Double check when buying a field guide to make sure that it covers your geographical area so that your kids can study nature in their own back yard.

11. Peterson Field Guide Coloring Books

I am so impressed with Peterson’s Field Guide Coloring Books. These books contain stickers to help kids know how to color the animals, detailed pictures to color (colored pencils recommended!), and fascinating facts about each species of animal that is featured. This is a great way to help kids learn how to observe, identify, and classify animals around them. These books feel very “grown-up”. They are not coloring books that kids will out-grow.

12. James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

James Herriot worked as a veterinarian in England in the 1930’s through the 1950’s. He has written many adult books about his experiences as a vet with the unique animals and their extraordinary owners. James Herriot’s Treasury for Children brings some of his most loved, heart-warming stories to children. This book is a compilation of short stories with beautiful illustrations.

13. According to Humphrey Series

This fall my kids have fallen in love with Humphrey and his antics. Humphrey is a classroom pet hamster who thoroughly enjoys his life of watching and interacting with the kids in his class. And, along with his other adventures, he makes friends with fellow classroom pets, learns how to read, and helps out a few humans as well. There are lots of books in this series!

14. Rascal

This is the true-to-life story of the summer that an eleven year old boy and his pet raccoon spent together in the wilderness of Wisconsin. This is a growing-up story with a predictably sad ending (the raccoon must be released back into the wild). Rascal is a poignant and beautiful adventure, but it is easily the most difficult book to read on this list. If your kids are ready to read or listen to something a little harder, give this book a try!

15. Misty of Chincoteague

I well remember excitedly devouring all of Marguerite Henry’s horse books (or at least all of the ones in my local library) when I was in fourth grade. Marguerite Henry’s horse books are based on actual facts and explain where different breeds of horses came from or tell about famous horses. These books are a little more difficult than most of the books on this list, but are great for nine and ten-year-olds.

What animal books would you recommend for 7 to 10 year olds? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please scroll down to comment. Thanks!

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