God’s Love Bookmarks

By Anna Lowell

Jan 27

God’s Love Bookmarks are an easy way to surprise and delight someone you love and remind them that God loves them.

Whether you are looking for a way to bless your child, send encouragement to a friend through the mail, or put a smile on your students’ faces, these whimsical corner God’s Love Bookmarks are sure to deliver.

These corner bookmarks feature woodland animals on the front and verses about God’s love on the back.

The best part? They are super easy to print and make.

Instructions for the Corner God’s Love Bookmarks:

1. Print the pages. (You can get your copies by signing up in the box above. The printables will be sent straight to your email inbox.)

The corner bookmarks are available in three Bible versions – New International Version, King James Version, and English Standard Version. There are two pages in each file, with a total of eight different bookmarks to choose from.

2. Cut the bookmarks out along the heavy black lines.

3. Place the bookmark picture side down. Carefully fold the blank triangle on the dotted line over the back.

4. Fold the second triangle over the first, so that the image is now facing you.

5. Glue the top triangle to the bottom triangle, leaving a pocket between the bottom triangle and the square.

6. After the glue has dried, you are done! Your bookmark is ready to use or give away. To use, slip the book pages into the pocket.

How will you use these corner God’s love bookmarks? I would love to hear your ideas. Please scroll down to comment.

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