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God’s Names

By Anna Lowell

Oct 15

Teach Your kids Who God really is through this study of God's Names

God’s Names 

God’s Names, by Sally Michael, takes a unique approach to studying God by introducing kids (and parents!) to the different names that God uses for Himself throughout the Bible.  God’s Names studies 25 different names for God that help us understand more about Who God is and how God relates to us and how we should relate to Him.  Here are some examples:

  • When we think of God as Elohim, the Strong Creator, we are reminded that all things are made by God and for God and without God, there is nothing.  The Creator God Elohim is all-powerful, but also full of imagination and attentive to details (think of all of the insects that God made!).
  • When we learn that God is Jehovah-El Emeth, the Lord God of Truth and that He is El Roi, The God Who Sees all things, we realize that we cannot lead lives of deception before Him.
  • When we read that there is salvation in no other name than the name of Jesus, we can praise God for sending His Son to save us.
  • When we read that the King is coming again, we are reminded that life is brief and that some day every knee will bow before the name of Jesus.

God's Names: Discover Who God really is through His revealed names. A great, Bible centered family devotional.

Sally Michael takes us through many Old Testament names for God, using stories of Old Testament people to teach us how God relates to us.  She then moves us into the New Testament where she shows us how these names also apply to Jesus.

Sally Michael also teaches us some unique names that apply only to Jesus such as Messiah and Christ, Lamb of God, and Savior.

This devotional is very Biblical, and has Scripture verses scattered throughout the text.  Each section ends with discussion prompts, a “names of God” poster activity or drawing activity, and another activity such as going through family photo albums or sending a care package to a needy person.  Each of these activities corresponds with the chapter it follows.  Each chapter can be read in about ten to fifteen minutes.

My only complaint?  My kids (ages 5 & 8) thought that some of the illustrations were “scary” (probably just idiosyncracies of my unique kids, but I included a couple of the “scary” pictures below so you can decide for yourself).  Overall, I would highly recommend God’s Names to any family looking for a solid, Biblical family devotional.

Gods names 1

Gods names 2

Have you read this devotional?  If so, what did you think of it?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Scroll down to comment.


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