My Favorite Homeschool Supplies

By Anna Lowell

Aug 10

I am getting all geared up for the coming school year. How about you?

fav school things fea

Which brings me to the subject of school shopping and homeschool supplies. Isn’t there just something thrilling about the smell and look of a new box of crayons, pencils, or pack of paper? Oh, the possibilities…. It makes me feel like a kid again!

Here is a list of some of my favorite homeschool supplies:

fav school things 2

Chunky Pencils for Young Writers

These pencils will make your life easier if you have preschoolers or kindergartners. I don’t know what educators might think about kids learning to write with the fatter grip pencil, but I love the fact that the lead doesn’t constantly break in them like it does in the thinner pencils. My husband likes them so much that he wants some for his garage because he hates having to constantly sharpen pencils while he is working.

Pencil Sharpeners

To go along with your pencils, you will need a good quality sharpener. The electric sharpeners work great, but the little hand held sharpeners do a good job too. Just make sure that you buy several little sharpeners if you go that route because they will become dull and they will get lost.


There are some super cute timers available that can be used for timing music lessons or school lessons. You will also probably want a digital timer that can time seconds for math speed drills.

Wall Calendar

I found a large classroom wall calendar, and my kids love it. It is fun to see the days roll by. My calendar came with special day markers for birthdays or field trip days, so it is easy for the kids to see when these special events are coming up. The calendar I purchased was made of cardstock. I covered it with contact paper and added velcro circles to the back of the numbers and to the calendar so we can “stick” the days up.

fav school things 1

Pin Boards

Each of my kids have a pin board behind their desk. They enjoy pinning up their favorite pictures or art projects. These pin boards are quite inexpensive at Walmart, but they are a pain to hang. Just warning you.

Filing System

This is an absolute must or you will be drowning in school paperwork! I am still working on trying to find the perfect filing system. (Does it exist?)

Dry Erase Board and Markers

All right, this one is just plain geeky! I love writing on my dry erase board to explain a math problem or science concept. It makes me feel like a “real” teacher. Each of my kids also have small dry erase boards that they use for class math problems and spelling words. Colorful markers make it more fun, too!


We use these mailboxes to send fun things to each other. I am afraid that I have gotten out of the habit of using them this summer, and my kids keep reminding me that we need to start again. So, I am going to try to incorporate it into our school year once again.

mailbox mod 1

Love Notes

What can you put in the mailboxes? Love Notes, of course! And chocolate. And chewing gum. And paper dolls. And fun erasers. You get the idea.


I love to use colorful highlighters! They are perfect for grading papers.

Cardstock paper

Michaels has a great section of packaged cardstock. You can often find the cardstock on sale, and it is so much better for most projects than construction paper, like these Nibblin’ Monster Bookmarks. The colors are gorgeous, too!

Pandora Radio Station

I don’t think I could survive homeschooling without music! Check out this post for music recommendations for homeschoolers.

Try instantly changing the mood in your home by playing some happy music for homeschoolers! These 21 Songs are sure to lift your spirits.


Clipboards are sanity savers. I can pull out the pages the kids need to complete that day and clip them to the clipboard. Then, we can take the school work with us to orthodontic appointments or to a park on a beautiful fall day.

fav school things 4

Rosetta Stone

This is an expensive program, but totally worth it! My kids and I are trying to learn Spanish together, and Rosetta Stone makes it one of our favorite subjects! If you do buy Rosetta Stone, always buy directly from Rosetta Stone website or other reputable dealers like Barnes and Noble. Never buy it used on e-bay hoping to get a good deal. You will get a forgery from China and you could have your credit card information stolen. (I speak from personal experience.)

New Crayons

Isn’t there something so exciting about starting off the first day of school with a box of new crayons? I like to stock up on them during the August sales.

fav school things 3

The Library

Our local library is an essential part of our school experience. My son who is entering second grade has struggled with a “resistance” to reading the curriculum readers that I have purchased. So, we went to our library and picked out some books that interested him. Within one week his reading has hugely improved! I love our library!

Good Quality Rulers

Don’t waste your money on the cheap plastic rulers. Get some nice heavy duty metal rulers that will be around for a while and that are a pleasure to use. All right, I am getting geeky again. But I do love a good quality, solid ruler!

How about you? What are your favorite school essentials? I would love to hear about them. Please scroll down to comment.