Kisses from Katie

By Anna Lowell

Apr 14

Kisses from Katie is the amazing, heart-wrenching story of a young woman named Katie Davis who made herself available to be used by God.

Kisses from Katie is a beautiful story of hope, made possible by a God who loves the least of these and a woman who was available to be used by God.

During her teen years, Katie felt that God had called her to go overseas on a missions trip.  After a short missions trip to a Ugandan orphanage, she convinced her parents to let her go to Uganda for a year before starting college.  She left behind her family, a boyfriend that she loved, and her future in America.

Once she got to Uganda, Katie found that God had changed her heart.

Katie no longer desired her comfortable American life, and she could not leave the Ugandan children in their great need.  She adopted thirteen little girls and started a ministry to raise funds for many other impoverished Ugandan children to attend school.

Kisses from Katie is a beautiful story, full of love, grace, sadness, imperfections, tragedy, and hope – all made possible by a God who loves the least of these and a woman who was available to be used of this great God.

Katie writes this story as a real person.  God has used her to do amazing things, but she also feels loneliness, despair, fatigue, joy, and great fulfillment.  She gives all the glory to God for what He is accomplishing in Uganda.

This is a must-read book for Christian families and teens who are ready to move beyond their comfort zone and make a difference in people’s lives, for God’s glory.

Katie encourages us that it isn’t the big things that we do that makes a difference.

It is the little things –  just loving the needy person in front of us, and then seeing where this genuine, God-given love takes us.  We don’t have to go overseas (although we should be available if God calls us to go), but we do need to have eyes that see our own God-given opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives.

Katie assures us that it won’t be easy, but it will be joy-filled in ways that we never could have imagined.

Please, read this book.  Let your heart be broken and challenged to make a difference in Jesus’ name.

Her name is Sumini.  When I met her, a lively student in my kindergarten class, she was five years old but looked to be no more than three.  She was thrilled to be learning her alphabet, and she loved to color and to sing.  When she sang, her little voice was high-pitched, breathy, and filled with passion.  Now, as she lay fitfully on a bed in my house, her boundless energy was drained by desease (malaria), her bright eyes dulled by hunger, and the dance in her step stilled by the crippling effects of poverty.  My heart literally hurt in my chest as I watched her struggle and prayed more intensely than I’d ever prayed in my life.

As I sat up late that night trying to keep her alive one minute, one breath at a time, I had to ask myself, Why do I have so much?And why have I always had so much?  Why do my family and friends have so much? And do they even know that far, far away from the luxuries of the western world, a little songbird of a girl is fighting for her life?  The roles could have so easily been reversed. I wondered how God had chosen me to be born into such luxury when this little girl had been born into such hopelessness.  I thought, She is a girl with as many hopes and dreams as those who rest peacefully in air-conditioned houses protected by alarm systems.  Yet her body is on fire with raging fever; my sheets are soaked.  And right now, she has no one to care for her but me.

My heart began to break over and over for the other children around the world who had no one to protect them, no one to speak up for them, no one to sit up with them at night and control their fevers.  Who would hold them?  Who would sing to them?

Excerpt from Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemptionby Katie Davis with Beth Clark, Copyright © 2011 by Katie Davis, All rights reserved.  Published by Howard Books.  Exerpt from pages 69-70.

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