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Little People Doors

By Anna Lowell

Oct 28

We moved recently. Twice actually. In one year. Because of the chaos I wanted to try to personalize our new “permanent” house and make it feel like “home” right away. One of the ideas that I found online was to put up “fairy doors” or little people doors in the house. I had so much fun with this!

Little People Doors: Add a little whimsy to your home! Lots of great ideas for little people doors , including glow-in-the-dark windows and footprints!

The doors came from Hobby Lobby, which offered a couple of different door styles in their doll house section. I tried to make my own doors originally, but I just couldn’t get the cute detail that the pre-made doors and windows offer. (Although, the red homemade door with little popsicle sticks glued onto a wooden rectangle turned out cute, in my humble opinion!

Little People Door with red ladder - made of little popsicle sticks!

The little people doors don’t come with knobs, but I found these little fasteners from “Spare Parts” in the scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby, and I think that they look great! They are called  “screw fasteners.” I have no idea what they are actually used for, but they look just like little metal doorknobs.

Perfect "little people" door handles - lots of great ideas for Little People doors and fun!

Because the little people doors come pre-hung on hinges and therefore open, I decided leave them on their hinges and put signs inside the door for the kids to find.  The signs can be changed easily for variety and can say anything you want! You could have a lot of fun with these little signs and some imagination!

Little People or Fairy door complete with glow in the dark windows, rope ladder, fall decor, and sign! (Not to mention spelling homework that someone accidentally left out.)

Our little people have attitudes at times! Cute sign ideas for little people or fairy doors.

Finally, I painted the windows a light blue, then covered them with a transparent glow-in-the-dark paint.  The first night that my kids slept in their rooms,they were exicted to see that there were lights on in the Little People’s windows. Two months later, my son still tells me every night that the “little people” are awake. I think that it is comforting to him.

The secret behind Little People "glow-in-the-dark" windows.

I did also find a rubber footprint stamp and some WASHABLE children’s ink at Hobby Lobby – I see some possibilities here! Unfortunately, the washable paint was not as “washable” as I would have liked on my trim. It worked great on super shiny surfaces like the sink. All of that to say, be careful! It may not wash off of trim and walls.

Little People footprints! I could have fun with this!

Little People footprints by their door - proof of their existence! Fun ideas for Little People activities and reading.

Little People trouble!

It would be a lot of fun to decorate the doors seasonally. My kids have also had fun decorating the doors. The fall wreath was made of paper and tape by one of my daughters.

"Little People" door - so fun to make yourself!

The door mat below the red popsicle door was also made by one of my daughters after the muddy foot prints were discovered!

You could add lots of little details from the doll section of your crafts store. The little red wagon and the spelling test came from the doll section.

Every room should have a touch of whimsy! Here's a "Little People" or fairy door for a boy's room.

Spelling Test from the doll section of Hobby Lobby. Lots of fun ideas for "Little People" or fairy decor and fun.

I love the outdoor “fairy doors” and “fairy gardens” as well, but haven’t had time to try any of those. If your interest is piqued, jump onto my pinterest board and check out the board, “The Borrowers -Little People Fun.” If you are doing this with your kids, I would love to hear what fun suggestions you have or fun things you are doing.

This fun activity is a perfect complement to the book, The Borrowers by Mary Norton.


P.s. If you are looking for great ways to decorate your Little People Doors for Christmas, check out this post: Turkeys, Little People, and Chocolate Raspberry Christmas Bars. 

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