Mother’s Day Mini Book

By Anna Lowell

May 01

Mother’s Day is approaching fast! Here’s a Mother’s Day mini book – perfect to make in Sunday School or at home.

This one page printable can be cut and folded into a multi-page book. Your kids will love finishing the sentence prompts and giving the book to their moms. The printable mini book comes in black and white outline (so your kids can color their own) or full color.

Post update: The mini book now comes available for grandmothers or in a generic version for any special woman on Mother’s Day!

Instructions for the Printable Mother’s Day Mini-Book:

1. Print the 1 page printable. (Sign up in the box above to get your copy. The folding instructions are also included in the PDF file).

2. Cut the mini book out along the outside black line.

3. Fold the mini book down the horizontal center line so that the pictures are on the outside. Unfold.

3. Fold the mini book down the vertical center line so that the pictures are on the outside. Unfold. Fold again so that the pictures are on the inside and unfold, creasing that center line.

5. Flip the page over so that the blank side is facing up, then fold the edges in toward the center line. Unfold.

6. Flip the page over so the pictures are facing up and fold in half again. Cut the book (through both sides) at the dark line. Do not cut the dashed line. Unfold

7. Fold along the center line lengthwise again. Push the two ends of the book towards each other, forcing the interior pages to bend away from each other at the center line. Crease the pages.

8. Fold the pages together. Your book should look like the picture above. Finish by folding the back cover over the interior pages. Crease along the spine.

That’s it! Now your printable Mother’s Day mini book is ready for your child to complete.

To get your own copy of this printable Mother’s Day mini book, sign up in the box below and the printable will be sent straight to your email in box.

If you use this project, I would love to hear how you use it. Please scroll down to comment.

May God bless you!

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