No Sew Burlap Banner

By Anna Lowell

Nov 07

No Sew Burlap Banner

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 15

I got the inspiration for this burlap banner from Kelly at View Along the Way. Unfortunately I do not have large stamps or a sewing machine, so I could not make my banner in the same way that Kelly made hers. She sewed the burlap and used stamps (which would save a lot of time). If you have some nice big stamps and you’re handy with a sewing machine, you might want to check out her method here.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 1

You will need:

Burlap (I chose this burlap table runner because I liked the look of the tighter weave)

Ribbon or twine to hold the pendant up. You may also want to use those cute little clothes line clips to hold the banner pieces onto the ribbon – totally optional.

Mod Podge (matte finish) and a paint brush

Spray paint (and a screw driver to open the lid, if you get the Krylon spray paint. Why? I don’t know.) You could also skip the spray paint and make this with a black permanent marker if you wanted to.

Print out of the letters and leaves for templates. Click Here – Letters and Leaves template (This will print out nine pages of letters and leaves – I gave you a couple of extra leaf options in case you want a longer banner.)

Chipboard Pennants – optional. If I make another one, I will probably skip the chipboard pennants.

A good pair of scissors.

A glue gun.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 2

Step One: Cut out your letters (and leaves, if desired.) As you cut, remember that you will be using the white part of the paper as your template. So, cut in only once and then carefully cut around each letter.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 3

If you like the interior detail of the leaf, then carefully cut out the white part of the leaf.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 4

Once all your cutting is done, tape the cut into the white paper that you made to cut out the letter so that you have a solid template.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 6

Cut your burlap into triangles leaving at least an inch or two around the perimeter of where you want the final edge to be.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 7

Now you are ready to start spray painting! Take your banner pieces out somewhere where residual blowing spray paint won’t ruin anything.  Place your paper templates over your burlap, centering the letter in the middle of the triangle. This will be difficult to do perfectly – which is why you gave yourself some margin in the last step.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 8

Spray paint the letter onto the burlap, being careful to hold the template still. This is a messy process! If any of your burlap is showing around the edge of your template, you might want to cover it with scrap paper so no spray gets on it.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 9

If you would rather not spray paint the letters, you may use a permanent marker to outline the letters, then color them in. Using a black permanent marker, you will get a result like this:

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 10

Next, cut a triangle template out of cardstock. I used the cardstock pendants to draw a triangle onto another piece of cardstock, but if you are not using the pre-cut pendants, than you can just draw your own triangle. My triangle is six inches wide by 8 1/2 inches long.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 11

Center your letters in the triangle, then draw a triangle around your letter with a pencil. I kept my letters about 1 1/2 inches from the top of the triangle so they would be even.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 12

Now you can take your Mod Podge (matte finish) and paint over the pencil line that you have drawn. You are sealing the burlap so that it will not unravel when you cut it.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 13

Let the Mod Podge dry thoroughly. Then you can cut out the triangle. Almost done!

You can clip your pendants to a ribbon using little paper clips. I used a hot glue gun to glue mine to a ribbon. I glued them from the back to the ribbon about half way down, then folded the ribbon over the top and glued them on the front using only small dots of glue for less visibility. Originally, I hot glued them to the cardstock for added durability, but I don’t even think that is necessary.

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 14

And the finished product! A no sew burlap banner!

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner 15

I would love to do a couple more banners, maybe saying “Happy Birthday” and something for Christmas. If you make one of these, I would love to hear how it works for you.

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