Ultra-Simple Activity Advent Calendar

By Anna Lowell

Nov 17

I love the idea of an Advent Calendar, but I didn’t want an Advent Calendar filled with sugar or cheap little toys. So, I grabbed some scrapbook paper and made this one. Sometimes, simple is best.

This Advent calendar is simple to make and focuses on activities, time spent together, and outreach ideas instead of trinkets or candy. Here’s how to make it:

Advent Activity Calendar - so simple to make. You just need scrap book paper, scissors, and glue. Even the stamps are optional!

Advent Calendar Materials:

12 x 12 card stock or scrap booking paper for the background (three pieces)
Additional scrap booking paper to make the pockets and the activity slips
Stamp pad and number stamps (or you could print numbers off the computer or just write them on with a marker if you don’t have number stamps)

Activity Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Directions:

Cut out little rectangles (mine are 2 inches wide by 3 inches long) out of the scrapbook paper for the pockets. Decorate the pockets as desired with stamps, stickers, or cutouts from other scrapbook paper. Number each pocket from 1 to 24. Glue the pockets (just the perimeter!) in numerical order to your background paper.

Cut out 24 little rectangles or arrows to make your activity slips. (You may want to cut more so that you can add different activities in future years.) My arrows are 4 inches long by 1 inch wide. Print out an activity list or hand write activities on each activity slip.

If you use a print out, cut the activities apart and glue one onto each paper slip. Insert the activity slips into the pockets in your desired order. If the activity cut-outs are too long for the arrows, just fold the activity cut-out papers over.

Activity Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Activity Suggestions:

Take a family picture for Christmas card or e-letter
Sign and send Christmas cards
Attend a Christmas play or concert
Have a cup of hot chocolate
Frost and decorate cookies
Take gifts to teachers
Color a Christmas picture
Take cookies or treats to a shut-in relative or friend or a nursing home
Watch the Christmas parade
Wrap Christmas presents
Make a treat and take it to the neighbors
Go sledding
Build a snowman
Turn off overhead lights and listen to Christmas music
Read “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
Skype Grandma and Grandpa and sing a Christmas carol – or leave a message on their voice
Visit a live nativity
Sing Christmas songs together
Read Christmas story in the Gospel of Luke
Shop for gifts for other kids
Make cinnamon/applesauce ornaments
Wear new P.J.’s to bed
Drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights
Read “The Night Before Christmas”
Watch a Christmas movie

Click Here to Print these suggestions.

Activity Advent Calendar

I would love to hear if you make one of the Advent Calendars.  I would also love to hear what activities you would include in yours.  Please comment below!

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