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Potato Print Trees Based on Psalm 1

By Anna Lowell

Oct 21

The fall colors have been less than spectacular this year, but that hasn’t stopped us from celebrating fall! These potato print trees based on Psalm 1 are the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of fall.

(And my kids were AMAZED that you could use a potato to make a stamp. Sometimes, it really is the simplest things that bring the most amazement.)

These trees could also be made with green leaves and a stream of water drawn in, if you want to stay closer to the meaning of the verses.

fall tree craft 10

Materials needed for the Potato Print Trees Based on Psalm 1

Sharp Pencil
Brown Marker
Fall or Leaf Colored Paints
Paint Brush
Paper Towel
Tree Printable


Instructions for Potato Print Trees Based on Psalm 1:

Step 1: Use the marker to color the tree trunk brown.

fall tree craft 2

Step 2: Use a sharp pencil to trace a leaf shape into the potato. Push down fairly hard to make a nice indent into the potato.

Fall tree craft 3

Step 3: Adults Only! Using a small, sharp knife, outline the leaf shape by pushing the point of the knife down into the potato, making the indent around the leaf a little deeper. Then, slice the potato from the skin in toward the leaf shape, gently pulling the potato slice away from the leaf shape. Be careful to leave the leaf itself intact with the potato.

fall tree craft 4

When you get finished, you should have a 3D “leaf” shape sticking out of the potato. Don’t worry if it is not perfect! It should still give a good leaf print. Gently dry the “stamp” with a paper towel.

fall tree craft 5

Step 4: Have your child paint the leaf shape on the potato, then firmly press it onto the tree. Encourage your child to use different colors and mix the colors on the stamp for different effects.

fall tree craft 6

Allow the painting to dry. Enjoy your artwork!

fall tree craft 8

fall tree craft 9

fall tree craft 10

fall tree craft 11

Print the [Potato Print Tree Printable]

If you make this project, I would love to hear about it! Please scroll down to comment.

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