Printable Mother’s Day Card

By Anna Lowell

Apr 14

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly for those of us in the United States. Help your kids show their moms how thankful they are for all of their hard work and love with this super-sweet printable Mother’s Day card.

Kids love giving gifts to their moms. This printable Mother’s Day card is simple to cut out and color and makes a gift that moms will cherish for many years.

These cards can be printed in full color or black and white outline for kids to color their own.

The front of each card features the words, “Mothers are a gift from God.”

The inside of the card says, “I’m so glad God gave me you! Happy Mother’s Day.”

Instructions for the Printable Mother’s Day Card:

1. Sign up in the sign up box above to get the free printable sent straight to your email inbox. If you don’t see the email with the printable link within ten minutes, check your spam folder.

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2. Print the card. If you have the option of printing double sided on your printer, choose that option. Otherwise, if you have a home printer like mine, you will have to print the front page, flip the page over, and print the other side. You may need to experiment so that you know which way your printer pulls the pages through.

3. Cut the card out along the thick black line on the front of the card. Then, color the card as desired.

4. Fold the card in half, so that the front is on the outside. You are done!

These cards fit into standard 4.3 inch by 5.75 inch (10.9 cm by 14.6 cm) envelopes.

These printable mother’s day cards are a lovely way for kids to thank their moms and remind their moms of how much they appreciate them.

If you will use these cards, I would love to hear how you plan to use them. Scroll down to comment.

May God bless you!

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