Six Ways to Keep the Good In Your Boy

By Anna Lowell

Mar 31

What risks do our boys face in this modern culture?

Only the risks of succumbing to peer pressure, believing the lies of terrible role models (entertainment, sports, and politicians combined), becoming addicted to easily accessible pornography, falling prey to aggressive girls at school, and becoming addicted to video games, to name a few…

In Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy, author Dannah Gresh identifies the dangers boys face, and offers hope and help in overcoming these dangers.

How can we, as Christian parents, combat these influences and keep the “good” in our boys?

That is exactly the question that Dannah Gresh answers in her fabulous book, Six Ways to Keep the Good In Your Boy: Guiding Your Son from His Tweens to His Teens.

In this book Dannah Gresh is not afraid to point out the dangers that our boys face, but she also offers a message of hope to all parents who want to deeply connect with their sons and lead them in the ways of the Lord. This book is full of practical advice and wisdom to help parents as they seek to keep the “good” in their boys.

This book offers suggestions for how to deeply connect as parents with our sons, how to help our sons form their values, and what effects testosterone plays in our sons’ developments.

Dannah encourages us to keep the “good” in our boys by:

  • Getting them outside to play
  • Helping them to find purpose in life through reading good books
  • Encouraging them to connect with their dads and other good men
  • Being open about their body changes and teaching them how to navigate the new feelings and desires that they are experiencing in a God-honoring way
  • Limiting their time spent on electronics
  • And teaching them how to respectfully treat women.

Throughout this book, Dannah’s husband Bob inserts his own thoughts and Angela Thomas includes thoughts on how to raise good boys if you are a single mom.

In a bonus section, Bob Gresh offers a fresh perspective and resources for families dealing with the unique challenges of ADD and ADHD.

Six Ways To Keep the Good In Your Boy is an excellent way for Christian parents (and moms in particular) to prepare themselves to guide their sons through their tween and teen years.

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