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Take Time to Savor Fall

By Anna Lowell

Oct 05

It’s the fall season in the Midwest.  Autumn.  A time to slow down and enjoy…

Cool evenings snuggling on the couch with a soft throw blanket
Relaxing cups of tea or hot chocolate, cinnamon scented candles, and good books
Days just chilly enough to warrant the dawning of a sweater and jeans
Yards strewn with colorful leaves and various sized pumpkins
Apple trees loaded with fruit
Pumpkin muffins, apple pies, and spicy chili served with cornbread
And color – glorious color as though God were giving us a final burst of color to help us get through the whites and grays of winter.

Autumn is a time to slow down, relax, and savor this brief beauty.

This is the kind of Autumn that I dream of.

But, unfortunately, it is not the Autumn that I actually experience.

Fall Birch Leaves

My real life?

  • Well, school is in session and spelling tests and geography quizzes keep rolling around with alarming rapidity.
  • Church programs are up and running. The kids are already practicing music for the Christmas program.
  • The yard is needing a good clean up.
  • If the kids don’t have runny noses this week, they probably will have them next week, and good luck getting an appointment at the doctor’s office.
  • And bless those of you who have your kids enrolled in fall sports!  Forget that cup of tea and candle!

At least I can glance up at the trees on the way to the bank and grocery store.

Is this really the way that I want to live life?  Is it the way that you want to live life?  Are we teaching our kids that life should be this crazy and hectic?

fall apples 1

Here’s a suggestion:  Take some time this week to take your kids and/or your spouse to a park with lots of trees.  Is there is a natural park in your area that you’ve never visited?  How about taking your family to an apple orchard or to a pumpkin patch to pick out that perfect pumpkin fresh from a vine on the ground, with a bit of dirt on its side?  Why not make a spontaneous stop at a roadside apple stand?

Give yourself permission to take a deep breath and savor this fall.

Worship God by slowing down and enjoying His creation, then thanking Him for it.

And, yes, something else will have to slip.  Maybe your kids will only get a 75% on their spelling test because you didn’t practice with them as much as usual. Maybe you just serve mac and cheese for dinner.  Maybe those clothes sit in the hamper for another day or two.  In the long run, these things won’t matter.  But, the memory that you’ve made with your family just might matter.

Fall path

Savor this autumn.  Be spontaneous and enjoy some time outside with your family.  It will not be the most urgent thing on your to-do list.  But it very well might be the most important thing.

Fall books


Photo credits: Copyright:  subbotina / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: foodandmore / 123RF Stock Photo

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