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Tent Reading Nook for a Small Space

By Anna Lowell

Feb 18

Would you love to make your kids tent reading nook, but are short on space? This “tent” is exactly what you need! Simple to make, this wall mounted tent has tons of personality and is a fun addition to any child’s room.

Tent Reading Nook Slider 1


One shelf bracket that can be mounted to a wall stud (Mine is 14 inches long)
Screws, stud finder, and cordless drill
Canvas Drop Cloth (Mine was 4 feet X 15 feet)
Two bricks or other weights
Thread, needle, scissors, etc.
Tulle or Net Fabric, if desired
White Lights strands (two), if desired
Pillows, Little rug, Book Basket – if desired

Would you love to make your kids tent reading nook, but are short on space? This "tent" is exactly what you need! Simple to make, this wall mounted tent has tons of personality and is a fun addition to any child's room.


1. Locate your stud and determine how high you want to mount your shelf bracket. (The shelf bracket will be the highest point of your tent.)

2. Measure from the floor to the desired shelf bracket height, at the angle that you want the fabric to hang (see the red dotted lines in the diagram below). Leave at least an extra foot at the bottom on each side to drape on the floor. You will secure the bottom of the tent with a brick or another weight placed on top of the excess fabric to hold it in place. My shelf is 6 ft, 4 inches high. I used a 4 ft X 15 ft drop cloth and I wish that I had just a little bit more fabric at the bottom. So, unless you don’t mind sewing two drop cloths together, you probably shouldn’t place your shelf bracket any higher than 6 feet.

Tent Directions

3. Purchase you shelf bracket and drop cloth according to the measurements that you took. If you desire some tulle in the back and lights, purchase them as well.

4. Wash your drop cloth, dry on low setting in dryer, and iron. (Ours smelled pretty bad right out of the bag it was sold in, but one washing took care of the odor.)

5. Mount your shelf bracket to a wall stud according to package directions. (Kids might pull on the tent, so you want to make sure that your shelf bracket is not going to go anywhere.)

Wall tent 1

6. If you want lights in the back of your tent, arrange the lights first.

Wall tent 2

7. If desired, hang tulle over back of the tent. I used two pieces. One long piece was just draped over the shelf bracket. This left a gap down the middle of the back which I did not like, so I hand sewed the two edges together with big stitches.

Tent Directions 1

Wall tent 3

Use one shorter piece of tulle to wrap around the shelf bracket to hide it from sight.

Wall Tent 4

8. Find the middle of your canvas drop cloth. Using large, even stitches, and double thread, make a running stitch down the center of your fabric, then pull the thread slowly and carefully to gather the drop cloth until it is as wide as your shelf bracket. Tie a knot in the thread so that your fabric remains gathered.

Tent Directions 2

Wall tent 5

Wall Tent 6

You’re almost done! Drape the canvas cloth over the shelf bracket with your gathered seem running across the top.

You may want to stitch the canvas to the bracket by sewing the canvas cloth to the screw hole at the end of the shelf bracket. Will this hold the canvas onto the shelf bracket if a kid yanks on it? Probably not, but it should keep it up there for gentle use. If a child should pull on it, your fabric might come down but the shelf bracket should stay put, so nobody will get hurt.

Wall tent 8

You may also want to close the gap between the tulle in the back and the canvas cloth by stitching the tulle to the back edge of the canvas tent.

Wall tent 9

Once you are done, use your bricks or other weights, one on each side, to hold the tent material into place. My kids like to move the bricks and pull the tent fabric out a little bit more when they are playing with it to make a “larger” tent.

wall tent 12

There! Your tent reading nook is done! Stand back and admire your ingenious work, then throw in a couple of pillows and provide a book basket nearby, or even some paper bunting to give the tent some personality. This tent would look really cute with a little rug in front of it, too.

wall tent 11

Wall tent 10

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