Thankful Tree Craft

By Anna Lowell

Nov 10

This craft is so easy, but turned out so cute! I love Thanksgiving crafts that encourage thankfulness – the true reason for celebrating Thanksgiving. (By the way, allow me to digress into a pet peeve for a moment. Can we all fight this trend to call Thanksgiving “Turkey Day”? Thanksgiving is so much more than just a day when everyone stuffs themselves with turkey and watches football and plans what junk they are going to go buy the next day. At least I hope it is.)


Thankful Tree Craft Ingredients:

A branch or two

Spray Paint (I used a dark brown glitter paint)

A vase, and maybe little baubles to put in the bottom of the vase.

Fall-leaf colored construction paper or card stock

A leaf cookie cutter or a basic leaf shape template

Pencil, Scissors, and Hole Punch

Thankful Tree Craft Instructions:

Find a suitable branch. The kids could help out with this step. Believe it or not, I was able to find a branch right in my own back yard! (Yes, we have some yard clean up to do in the next few years!)

fall branches

Spray paint the branch with your choice of spray paint (preferably outside where the spray paint can’t get on anything important). I chose a dark brown glitter paint that you really can’t see in these pictures. I do like the natural, understated look of it though, and it does give the branches a nice “shine”.

Spray paint branches outside.

Using the template or the leaf cookie cutter, trace and cut leaves out of fall-colored card stock or construction paper.

Cut out leaves.

Have your family members write what they are thankful for on the cut-out leaves. Make sure to write on the leaves upside down. Use a hole punch to punch a hole at the top of each leaf.

Thankful leaf

Hang the leaves on the tree branches.


Thankful tree craft - so easy and fun!

Thankful tree craft and "Give Thanks" Banner