My Thanksgiving Notebook

Celebrate the History and True Meaning of Thanksgiving

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Thanksgiving is so much more than a day to eat turkey. Encourage your kids to think about the history of Thanksgiving and their own blessings with this Thanksgiving notebook.

Thanksgiving notebook pic 6

This fun notebook is perfect for working on during the long drive to Grandma’s house, keeping kids quietly entertained while the turkey is still in the oven, using in a Sunday School classroom, or handing out at a class party.

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Notebook Activity

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Thanksgiving book pic 2

Teach your kids what Thanksgiving is all about with this fun Thanksgiving notebook. Simply print it out, follow the simple directions below, and fill it in with your own words and ideas.

Thanksgiving Notebook materials:

Thanksgiving Notebook Printables
Crayons or colored pencils or markers
Stapler (or tape or glue)

Thanksgiving Notebook directions:

1. Print out the printables.

2. Fold the front page along the gray lines, making sure that your pictures are staying on the outside of the book (as pictured below).

Thanksgiving book pic 1

Thanksgiving book pic 3

3. Color the pictures.

4. Cut the individual pages out. Make sure and cut the top gray rectangle out as part of your page. The staples, glue, or tape will go inside of this rectangle to secure the page to the book.

Thanksgiving book pic 4

Thanksgiving book pic 8

5. Put the pages into order and secure them (staple, glue, or tape)  into the center of the back portion of the “book”.

Thanksgiving book pic 9

You are finished!

Thanksgiving book pic 10


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