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Top Ten Books To Explore for 8-9 Year Old Boys

By Anna Lowell

Jan 26

Are you looking for a book that will actually hold the interest of your eight or nine-year-old boy? Boys crave action, adventure, and heroes. Check out some of these amazing books for 8-9 year old boys today!

 1. Otis Spofford by Beverly Cleary

Otis Spofford is a third grader with a little more energy than is good for him! Trouble has a way of finding Otis, whether he intends to misbehave or not. He has a knack for pushing things a little too far, whether it be during a class performance for the PTA, while launching spit balls during arithmetic, or while teasing his classmate, Ellen Tebbits.  Otis’ teacher, Mrs. Gitler, is kind, understanding, and wise. However, she has warned Otis that his “come-uppance” might be just around the corner!

2. The Children’s Book of Heroes

Boys need heroes to emulate. Here is a book that is full of heroes!  The Children’s Book of Heroes is comprised of beautifully illustrated short stories featuring different heroes, both ancient and modern, historical and fictional. This book has a lot of “boy” appeal because so many of these heroes are masculine. This book lauds courage, endurance, and standing up for what is right even when it is hard.

3. Tornado 

Tornado is the story of an exceptional dog who was dropped down into a boy’s yard by a tornado, dog house and all. Tornado recounts the fun and the adventures the boy and his dog have together. This book reads as if it were a true story and has gorgeous, realistic illustrations. It is a short book and would make a great reader for a second to fourth grader.

4. Usborne World of Animals

Usborne World of Animals is perfect for boys who get excited about non-fiction and would rather have facts than stories. This book is full of gorgeous illustrations which allow kids to explore amazing facets of the animal kingdom! Rather than focusing one one animal group of species at a time, Usborne World of Animals compares one aspect of animal behavior among different species (for example, how do different animals communicate, camouflage themselves, and make their homes?). This book also features maps showing the variety of animal life in different geographical regions, as well as a fun “animal fact file” section in the back.

5. Riding the Pony Express

Riding the Pony Express is a fast-moving story of adventure, courage, strong friendships, and villainy, with a bit of history thrown in. This story has so much boy appeal – an eleven-year-old hero, wild horses, wolves, a house fire, thieves, and Indians who turn out to be friends. This is a must-read for any adventure-loving boy.

6. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Peter is a normal fourth grade boy with a very mischievous three-year-old brother. Written with sarcasm and wit, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is hilarious and painful at times as it deals with the reality of younger siblings and the “unfairness” of family life.

7. Henry Huggins

When a group of boys asked librarian Beverly Cleary where they could find books written about boys, “like themselves”, Beverly Cleary realized that there was a need for boys’ books. She wrote this amazing series and became one of the most beloved children’s writers of all time. When Henry Huggins finds a stray mutt dog, he also finds an instant best friend and some unexpected adventure! Life will never be the same again on Klickitat Street. All of the books in this series are excellent!

8. Snow Treasure

Snow Treasure is a historical novel based on a true story which occurred in Norway during World War II. In eleven-year-old Peter’s small town of Riswyk, a large amount of gold bullion had been accumulated in a local bank, getting ready for transport to America. Unfortunately, the gold was still in the bank when the Nazis suddenly invaded Norway. Can the people of the village find a way to get the gold out of Norway before it is confiscated by the Germans? And can children be used to accomplish this dangerous mission? This is a wonderful introduction to historical novels and there is plenty of suspense to make this an interesting read for any boy. The reading level in this book is a little more advanced, but it makes a wonderful read-aloud for eight and nine-year-olds who can’t quite manage it themselves yet.

9. Dolphin Adventure

Dolphin Adventure is the true story of how a family of wild dolphins sought out a diver to save the life of their baby dolphin who had been injured by a fishing hook. This is a short but fascinating tale with beautiful illustrations. It is just as enjoyable for adults to read as for kids to read.

10. Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown is a ten-year-old boy with phenomenal brain-power. Encyclopedia not only helps his police-chief dad solve (non-violent) crimes in their town, he is also willing to lend a hand to his friends and neighbors. Each short chapter is its own mystery. The reader is presented with the same clues as Encyclopedia and must see if he can solve the mystery with Encyclopedia. The solutions to the mysteries are found in the back of the book. The writing style is very basic, but the exercises in logic are excellent for elementary students. There are lots of books in this series!

Which books would you recommend for 8 and 9 year old boys? I would love to hear your suggestions. Please scroll down to comment.

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This is such a great list of books for an seven to ten year old animal lover. Am pinning this to keep it handy for the next time I go to the library.    This list includes some of the books I remember reading when I was growing up. I can't wait to share these with my girls!    History, fantasy, outdoor adventure, nonfiction, and dinosaurs - 10 books that your 10 and 11 year old boy is sure to enjoy!

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