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Turkey Napkin Holders

By Anna Lowell

Nov 20

Are you looking for an inexpensive, fun way to dress up your Thanksgiving table? How about an adorable Thanksgiving craft for kids? Look no further than these adorable Turkey Napkin Holders. (They can also be made as pencil holders – scroll to the bottom to see them!)

Turkey Napkin Rings: An adorable Thanksgiving craft for kids, great to make after reading Turkey Trouble.

Turkey Napkin Holder Ingredients:

Brown, Red, and Orange card stock

Fall scrap-book papers or fall colored papers

Google Eyes

Scissors, Exacto-knife, Tape, and Glue

Turkey Pattern Printable

Turkey Napkin Holder Ingredients

Step One: Cut out the pattern pieces for the Turkey Napkin Holders. Trace them onto your desired papers. The long rectangle, the half circle piece, and the “light bulb” should be cut out of brown paper. The weird bone shape and the diamond can be cut out of orange for the feet and beak. The little piece can be cut out of red paper for that turkey gobble thing. The feathers can be cut out of different colors of paper. The small feathers add more depth to the tail, but the turkey looks fine with just the big feathers, too. If you look at the pictures above, you will see that the wide turkey was made with just one row of feathers while the narrow turkey has two rows of feathers.

Turkey Napkin Holders

Turkey Napkin Holders

Step Two: Glue the tail feathers to the round “half circle” as pictured below. I glued five feathers to one side, then matched five feathers to the back side so that the feathers laid on top of each other and no white paper showed on the back (for a total of ten feathers on each tail. You can then layer the shorter feathers over the bottom of the larger feathers, if desired.

Turkey Napkin Holders

Step Three: (Adults only!) Cut slits (with scissors or exacto-knife) where indicated on the rectangular turkey body. If you want a wide turkey with the napkin sticking out the sides, cut the lines  parallel to the shortest rectangle sides. If you want a narrow turkey with the napkin sticking out the front and back, cut the lines parallel with the longest rectangle sides. Look at the picture below to see the two different types of turkeys.


Turkey Napkin Holders

Turkey Napkin Holders

Step Four: Glue your eyes, beak, and red thing to your turkey’s face. You can even give him some “hair” if you feel so inclined.

Step Five: Insert the tail feathers tab into the slit that you made into the turkey’s body. Make sure you pull it down snuggly so that the feathers are sitting flush with the body.



Cut into the little tab so that there are two flaps. Fold the two flaps in opposite directions and tape.


Repeat Step Five for the head piece.

Step Six: Tape the body into a tube shape.

Step Seven: Tape the feet onto the Turkey. For the narrow turkey, the feet are all in one piece to help stabilize him.

For the wide turkey, cut the feet apart and tape them on facing forward.  You might find that your wide Turkey is rolling over backwards because of the heavy tail. Cut an extra rectangular piece of card stock and glue it to the bottom of your turkey, pointing backwards. This will help keep the turkey from rolling.


Your turkeys should now be finished! Roll up a napkin and insert it into the tube, then sit back and admire your creation.

Turkey Napkin Holders: Make these adorable Turkeys for your Thanksgiving table today!

Turkey Napkin Holders: An adorable Thanksgiving craft!

By the way, my kids latched onto these Turkeys and gave them new lives: As pencil holders!

Turkey Pencil Holder: An adorable Turkey craft that pairs beautifully with Turkey Trouble or Junie B.'s Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten.

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